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Accessories for window mounting

The function of a new window depends, on the one hand, on its quality and, on the other hand, on correct installation in the masonry: the appropriate accessories are, therefore, essential for correct window installation. The window can only offer the desired heat, moisture and sound insulation if the connection between the component and the building fabric has been carried out correctly. But don't worry: window installation is not rocket science. If you want to install your new windows or doors yourself, you should pay attention to a few important things during the preparation.

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The basic equipment

Assembly material and tools

First of all, you should ensure that all important materials and tools are available. The materials required may vary depending on the model. Regarding the materials, the following are usually necessary:

  • New windows
  • Window frame screws
  • Construction foam or sealing tape
  • Construction foam cleaner
  • Vapourproof film
  • Washers
  • Vapour diffusion open foil,compriband ortrioplex -sealing tape

Now you just need tools with which you can quickly and reliably install your windows. This is because the installation cannot be performed using just the material and a screwdriver.

You should, therefore, have the following tools to hand:

  • Drill
  • Stone or wood drill (6 bit)
  • Impact drill
  • Ruler
  • Spirit level
  • Building foam gun

In addition, safety should always be taken into account when installing windows, and accessories like safety goggles and work gloves should therefore be worn. Make sure that the embrasure is smooth and dust-free after removing the old windows. The flawless condition of the construction opening is what ensures that the sealing tape subsequently holds and seals in the ideal way.


Window installation in 3 steps

First of all, the window frame for the new component must be covered with sealing tape all around for subsequent sealing and then inserted into the embrasure.

uPVC or wooden wedges help to hold the frame in place and align the window exactly with a spirit level.

The window is then screwed to the window opening via its frame holes. The second step is correct sealing of the window frame. If you would like to install your windows according to the RAL assembly specifications, then three different sealing levels must be observed:

  1. The inner: this is the connection between the window and the building fabric and is responsible for ensuring that no heat or moisture from the living room penetrates into the joint.
  2. The middle: this forms the functional level between the window frame and the wall and is responsible for effective thermal insulation.
  3. The outer: this is the so-called weather protection layer. This must be both driving rain-proof and breathable so that moisture can escape effectively.

In the third and last step, the window sashes are now installed and adjusted. Care must be taken to ensure that the windows open and close properly.

Accessories used by professionals

In the windows24.com online shop, you will not only find a large number of window and door models, but also a large selection of inexpensive, high-quality installation accessories for your successful window installation as well as the right window accessories. Make your home professional and safe.

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