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GH angle connector

Angle connector with rib

  • For very high force transmission
  • Load acceptance in all directions
  • Load capacity for full and partial nailing out


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Product Information

Angle connector 90 x 90 x 65 and 100 x 100 x 90

Angle connectors, often also called perforated plate angles, wood connectors or simply brackets, are metal, mostly right-angled components.

Angle connectors from GH are made of steel and hot-dip galvanized. As a rule, they are used to connect wood components.

Angle connectors from GH are used for the following connections:

  • Wood to wood
  • Wood to steel
  • Wood to concrete

The brackets have pre-drilled holes to enable quick attachment. Using these holes, the angle connectors can be attached to other components using nails or screws. The so-called rib, web or bead also ensures increased stability.

Areas of application

Versatile uses

Depending on the load, the brackets come in different dimensions – when choosing your side it is important to consider the statics.

90 x 90 x 65 mm or 100 x 100 x 90 mm angle connectors are particularly suitable when a very large force transmission is required.

Possible areas of use for GH angle connectors include attachment between glued laminated timber beams, purlins on glued laminated timber beams, attachment of wall ledgers to supports or steep connection on the threshold.

Wood connected in this way can fully exploit its static potential.

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