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Dust barrier door with zip

Overview of advantages

  • Translucent and transparent with zip
  • For different widths and sizes
  • Reusable
  • Door dimensions up to 2.20 x 1.10 m
  • Weight: approx. 220g
  • Material: polypropylene fleece


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Product Information

Technical details of the dust barrier door

Since there are many similar products on the market, it is important to obtain comprehensive information before making a purchase. It is therefore recommended you take a closer look at all the particular subtleties and advantages of dustproof precautions. A dust barrier door falls under the category of "occupational safety". It includes the following technical properties:

  • Zip can be closed on both sides
  • For all door dimensions up to 2.20 x 1.10 m
  • Made of dustproof polypropylene fleece
  • Weight: approx. 220g
  • Recyclable

With its compact dirt sluice made of special dustproof fleece, you can separate the work area from a clean living area. Dust and dirt stay where they belong, while adjacent rooms stay clean and protected.

Compact packaging and easy installation

The dust barrier has a high-quality zip, which allows you to easily go from one room to another without having to constantly reattach the entire dust cover. The dimensions of the fleece are 210 x 110 cm and are suitable for widths of 60 to 100 cm.

Whether tiling work in the bathroom, renovations in the kitchen or redoing the study: the dirt barrier is the ideal option for all kinds of renovation work.

The dust barrier door comes folded and does not include tape. For professional installation, we recommend using double-sided adhesive tape and correctly measuring the area, door or passageway the dust barrier will be attached to.

Areas of application

Quality through functionality

With the film dust barrier door, not only is the zip premium quality, the entire door is sustainable:

Easy attachment and removal of adhesive tape during set-up allows the dust barrier door to be used multiple times.

The polypropylene fleece offers full dust protection with every use – even repeated ones – and at a fair price. The top-grade material also scores with its resistance to cracks and wear. And thanks to the zip that can be opened from both sides, the film dust barrier door offers a simple and convenient solution for numerous DIY jobs.

The best protection for every project

Regardless of whether it involves renovation, refurbishment or other construction work, the dust barrier door ensures optimal protection against all kinds of dirt and dust. Even when moving, unpacking moving boxes, painting or refurnishing rooms, it is advantageous to separate rooms and tackle each area's tasks one at a time. The best thing in this case would be to use a reusable partition. When the work in one room is finished, the dirt barrier is simply removed and moved to the next room. A dust barrier door makes that easy as it is taped in place so it can be attached wherever it is needed. On the other hand, thanks to the zip that can be opened on both sides, the polypropylene fleece does not have to be removed and reinstalled when entering and leaving the room, as is the case with other protective films.

Also crucial for construction

The dust barrier door is not only used for private construction projects in your own home, but also provides protection against dust and other dirt on construction sites.

These kind of dirt precautions are essential, especially with isolated construction work.

That makes it particularly helpful for professionals who want reliable protection against paint, debris and rubble. Areas where no work is being done are reliably kept dustproof and clean with dust barrier doors.

It not just saves you time and money when tidying up and cleaning:

A dust barrier door is also an important part of occupational safety.

Various rooms and individual sections are professionally separated and protected with special dust-proof fleece. Dust barrier doors are the cheap and sensible solution for private individuals and professionals to stop the spread of dirt of every conceivable kind occurs during construction work. At windows24.com you can order dust barriers doors easily and conveniently online – and at a reasonable price.

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