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Protective film self-adhesive

Protective surface film self-adhesive

  • Optimum protection for surface work
  • Easy and residue-free removal
  • Self-adhesive (no tape needed)
  • Length: 100m
  • Width: 0.5m
  • Thickness: 50 microns


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Product Information

Protective film for surface work

Despite know-how and precautionary measures, messy mechanical damage, splotches of putty or paint occasionally happen when DIY-ing. To keep your floors, walls and furniture clean and intact, you will find practical self-adhesive protective films in our online shop.

No matter how you use or describe it – painter's foil, painter's masking tape, masking fleece or tarpaulin – this self-adhesive protective surface film offers temporary protection for a wide variety of surfaces, including sensitive surfaces, during construction work.

The protective film comes on a 100 m long and 50 cm wide roll. It can be used for around 10 days, after which the protective film can be easily removed without leaving any residue. The full-surface, self-adhesive protective and masking film in blue can be used for many short-term masking jobs. It reliably protects surfaces from dirt and damage during painting, varnishing, plastering and facade work, both indoors and out.

No need for tape

This protective film is ideal for use on smooth surfaces such as glass, metal or stone. However, the film also sticks to matte, textured surfaces such as carpets, stairs, wood or marble. Together with painter's fleece, self-adhesive masking film is a must for professional painting jobs. Your advantage: compared to normal protective film, which has to be cut to size and attached with numerous strips of adhesive tape, our film is self-adhesive. With this special protective film, you don't have to worry about it slipping across the surface after being applied for the first time, as is the case with normal film. Instead, you can attach the protective film directly to the corresponding surface and press it into place.

If necessary, you can also peel off the self-adhesive film and adjust it.

There's no need for adhesive tape and masking tape. Especially since tape loses adhesion at high temperatures much faster than completely self-adhesive protective film. You can get more information about our products by contacting our customer service (by phone or by sending an email to info@noSpamwindows24.com).

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