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uPVC Sliding Door Glazing Bars – yes or no?

Depending on personal taste, glazing bars can turn any uPVC sliding door into something special. They can support a classic look without feeling anachronistic. Thanks to their modern construction, they are also not too dear and provide improved burglary protection.

Aesthetics and Functionality combined

Windows with separating elements were originally invented in the 19th century for use in large window fronts without the need for similarly massive inserts. The divider between individual glass inserts soon became a stylistic statement in its own right and is still very popular today. That said, today’s uPVC sliding door models usually do not feature a genuine dividing bar element, instead wide panes are combined with aesthetic dividers. Glazing bars can be distinguished into the following types:

  • Vienna - attached on both sides
  • Helima - inserted into the space between multiple panes
  • The ‘genuine’ dividing element

Helima and Vienna are less costly and therefore frequently installed in new buildings.
They are available in various colours as well as unique shapes, since these bars have no influence on the structural integrity of even large doors. Nowadays, a new uPVC sliding door with glazing bar elements can be easily and individually designed, providing a satisfying aesthetic perfectly fitting to the rest of your property.

On windows24.com, you can find the following three types of glass dividers:

Glass-separation Bars

Glass-separating window bars: these window bars are also known as "real bars" as they genuinely separate the insulating glass panes. Each indvidual panel of bars is fitted with its own small pane of insulating glass. This type of window bar is available in the following sizes: 70 mm, 84 mm and 104 mm.

Vienna Style Bars

Our Vienna style window bars: A real "Vienna window bar" consists of specially integrated distance spacer profiles which have no actual contact to the surfaces of the glass. The window constructor then lays bars down onto the outside of the panes in order to create the impression of having insulating glass with real window bars, but also without any of the usual static load. These bars are available in the following sizes: 26 mm, 36 mm and 46 mm.

Helima Window Bars

Helima type window bars: A "Helima window bar" is actually a powder-coated aluminium bar which has been fitted within the gap between the glass panes. It looks just like a real bar prepared by a craftsman. The powder coating is available in the colours Bronze C34 and C33 as well as in white. If you do opt for one of the bronze shades, then we also recommend that for wood window configurations you also choose the rain protection rail and the sash cover profil in the same colour. These bars are available in the following sizes: 18 mm, 26 mm and 45 mm.

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