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Detailed drawings – uPVC lift and slide doors

In order to meet the highest security, durability and low-energy standards, modern buildings feature innovative, purpose-designed systems. Our high-quality uPVC lift and slide patio doors are no exception and with the drawings below, you can be sure to find all necessary details to aid your purchase decision and installation choices. Featuring precise system dimension values and accurate structural chambers, all information is clearly displayed for this highly insulating, low-maintenance door material combined with a market leading opening mechanism.


IDEAL Premium

Kömmerling PremiDoor 76

Break-in protection and the features in detail

With their accurate depictions of the profiles' structures and chambers, our uPVC lift and slide patio door detailed drawings provide valuable insight into the different models' insulation and potential impact on energy savings. Different add-ons are also displayed, such as locking points and roller shutters which can play an important role in increasing door security, as are frame extension options for installation. At windows24.com we provide the technical information and scope of choice in an user-friendly format, allowing customer designs to be realised as perfectly fitting bespoke products.

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