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Wooden lift and slide patio doors

A wooden patio door uniquely combines modern technology with traditional material. It is above all its cosy character that makes wood so popular, but it also has natural thermal insulation that is ideally complemented by the extra-tight closing mechanism of the sliding patio door. This means that the patio and garden can be accessed quickly and conveniently, while the wooden sliding patio door creates a cosy atmosphere inside.

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Our wooden lift and slide patio doors

Reliable material and modern technology: our wooden sliding patio door is threshold-free and easy to operate

  • Wooden lift and slide door - Classic
    UW- value
    ≥ 1.00
    The classic system

    Classic IV 68

    • Flush design
    • 168 mm construction depth
    • Available with double glazing
    from € 3,451 from € 3,451
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  • Wooden lift and slide door - Classic 78
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.90
    Das klassische Premium-System

    Classic IV 78

    • Flush design
    • 180 mm construction depth
    • Available with triple glazing
    from € 4,358 from € 4,358
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Customise your wooden lift and slide door

At windows24.com each patio door profile is unique – click through these pages to learn more about dimensions as well as the suitable colour and glazing bar options which are specific to wooden lift and slide doors.

Further features for all lift and slide doors

Let your creativity flow and discover more about our further features, available for all lift and slide doors regardless of frame material. From the finish of the glazing to the perfect handle type, at windows24.com there are numerous options to make your lift and slide door a bespoke final product.

Explanatory videos and instructions

Buying doors and windows is always a question of taste, but also of the right functions. This is no different from sliding patio doors. Carefully weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of the materials available already helps in the decision-making process. Once the decision in favour of a sliding patio door has been made, the question of installation arises. If you don't want to hire a professional fitter and want to do it yourself as an amateur, you can benefit from the detailed instructions and videos available here, which document the installation and adjustment of the doors.

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Further information

From classic to modern in design

A timber patio door not only stands out visually from alternatives made of aluminium or uPVC. Due to its natural thermal efficiency, wood has good insulation properties. From an ecological point of view, such a sliding patio door is just as sensible; after all, in the manufacture of windows and doors, attention is paid to sustainability when using domestic woods (i.e., timber).

Since the material is already statically resilient in its natural state and can therefore also easily bear the weight of the glass – up to several hundred kilograms depending on the size of the sash – it is ideally suited for use as a door frame.

A timber profile with a larger cross-section can further increase the values of density and insulation and thus contributes positively to the energy efficiency of the house. At windows24.com you can also choose between double or triple glazing to further increase the insulation of your glass doors. In addition, the natural material remains constant in its shape even with temperature differences and, unlike aluminium and the like, practically does not expand.

This means that doors, as well as windows with wooden frames, can be used on the sunny side of the house without any problems. Despite the large glass surface, the sliding patio door offers high standards of security. Standard double glazing already provides a substantial level of security. Upgrading from double-glazed to triple-glazed further increases break-in protection as well as protection in case of glass breaking during an accident. Laminated glass grants an effective way of securing your home: Here two or more sheets of glass are bonded together using a plastic sheet. This combination allows for very high resistance against any attempts of break-ins or accidents. You can choose laminated glass for double glazing or triple glazing. If you wish for an even higher level of security, special multi-point locking or door handles can be configured for your new door.

With modern design also comes additional comfort. Compared to traditional French patio doors, sliding patio doors come in a wider variety. Tailored to your needs, you can choose between a sliding or a bi-fold door. Bifold openings allow for a wide entrance because the sashes can be folded to the sides. A sliding door, however, smoothly runs along its rails, which makes it easy to operate. The larger the wood patio door gets, the more important is an effortless opening and closing. For maximum flexibility, you can configure your glass patio door to be bi-parting. This way, you can decide which side you want to open and maintain great comfort operating a big patio door.

Time-consuming maintenance

The maintenance of a wooden sliding patio door, as with timber window frames, is considerably more complex than with a uPVC profile. Whereas aluminium and uPVC can withstand all kinds of weather, the long-lasting properties of the natural material are put to the test by weather influences such as UV light, frost or moisture. If you want to preserve the appearance of the doors, you have to be prepared to offer the natural material a helping hand occasionally.

Varnishing and painting work is required at regular intervals, which often appears to be a nuisance. However, if you decide in favour of the natural material, you consciously place the appearance of your patio or French doors and windows above pragmatic aspects and receive long-lasting building elements of the highest quality from windows24.com. An alternative to a patio or French door made of wood is an aluclad model. These profiles combine a wood type of your choice with a resistant aluminium cladding. Alu-clad glass doors only need maintenance on the inside, while the alu exterior is nearly indestructible.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of a smooth-running sliding door system is determined by numerous factors. The most important is certainly the size in combination with the number of sashes. But also the type of timber, the choice of colour and, last but not least, additional features contribute to a greater or lesser extent to the total cost. With us, you can get sliding doors for as little as €3,451 and can design them completely individually. You can always keep an eye on the price in the configurator.

Wood is a natural, breathing material with its own character. When choosing the right type of timber, it is, therefore, worthwhile to familiarise yourself with the respective properties. Basically, you can choose between pine, spruce, larch, the tropical woods meranti and eucalyptus as well as classic oak. The advantage of softwoods such as pine and spruce is their good thermal insulation, while hardwoods such as larch and oak offer greater stability. If you also want your sliding patio door to be weatherproof, we recommend a material composite of wood and aluminium.

With the right glaze, the surface of your wooden sliding door is optimally protected for many years. At the same time, it emphasises the appearance and highlights the individual grain. Depending on the type of wood, you can therefore choose between up to five glazes, including noble variants such as mahogany, teak or even walnut. Alternatively, we also offer a version in RAL colours to skilfully emphasise the design of your sliding patio door.

As a space-saving alternative to the conventional French door, sliding doors are an excellent solution for large openings and allowing natural light into living spaces. The most important difference is the opening variant. Bifold doors can be moved to one side completely but due to this construction, they necessarily require a threshold. With a sliding patio door, you always have a fixed sash at one side but you can also use it to create a barrier-free passage. To balance any difference between the external and internal ground, a cill can be attached.

In order to guarantee full functionality and good operability, your sliding door must be fitted precisely. Therefore, you can configure it with us in your desired dimensions and receive a custom-made unique product. Depending on the number of sashes, the technically feasible minimum and maximum dimensions vary, so these are also shown in each case.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about wooden lift and slide patio doors.

Your question is not answered here? Then simply call us on +49 711 860 60 200. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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