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Viennese and Helima glazing bars for aluminium windows

Window glazing bars

Glazing bars are considered a traditional and historical style element. When paired with modern alu windows, the result is a unique window design. Modern buildings can enjoy a more distinct character and aesthetics with alu lattice windows. In the windows24 online configurator you can choose between two different glazing bar systems: the Viennese glazing bar or the Helima. While the Viennese glazing bar only rests on the glass pane, the Helima glazing bar is inserted between the glass surfaces. In contrast to wood or uPVC windows, no glass-dividing bars are available for aluminium windows.

Viennese glazing bar

The Viennese glazing bar, the so-called "fake" glazing bar, is used for aesthetic and visual purposes, as it only rests on the pane and has no effect on the window's insulating characteristics. This type of bar can be attached on one or both sides, giving the impression of real glazing bar insulating glass. In the event of damage, the Viennese bar can be easily replaced and, in contrast to a glass-dividing bar, can also be made thin, if you so desire.

Helima glazing bar

The Helima glazing bar is also considered a "fake" glazing bar because it is only used in the space between the panes. The powder-coated aluminium glazing bar is installed inside double or triple-glazed windows and eliminates the need for extensive maintenance or even replacement. Helima glazing bars are easy to manufacture and, because they are on the inside, they allow you to easily clean the window. Below you will find an overview of the different decorative films and colours in which they can be ordered.

Material Advantages Disadvantages
UPVC glazing bars Inexpensive, available in all RAL colours, very easy to care for Don't go so well visually with wood windows; not so good insulating characteristics
Alu glazing bars Very weather-resistant, very easy to care for More expensive, not so good insulating characteristics
Wood glazing bars Natural, warm look, good insulating characteristics Need maintenance, slightly more expensive

Costs for aluminium windows with glazing bars

The material properties of the glazing bars result in significant differences in price. While uPVC is very affordable, wood and aluminium lattice windows are more expensive. Regardless of the type of glazing bar, the price is influenced by the bar size and number. Wood window glazing bars impress with their natural, warm look and traditional appearance. UPVC and alu lattice windows are modern in design and very easy to care for as well as weather-resistant. Note that glazing bars affect the stability and thermal insulation of windows.

This can result in additional costs. If, for example, you opt for glazing with additional properties (ornamental glass, glass with UV protection or shatterproof safety glass with break-in protection) it will increase the price of the lattice windows. Conveniently compare the versions and conditions for windows and sash bars in the online configurator. Design your alu lattice window how you want it and conveniently order it online.

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