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Textured Glass for Windows and Doors

Textured glass, also known as patterned glass is a form of translucent glazing used in areas that require both natural light as well as a degree of privacy. Instead of being transparent, texture is added by special manufacturing methods to create decorative designs that also obscure one's view. Frosted glass the most well known example and commonly used in bathroom windows, shower doors, meeting rooms and doctors' offices. With varying degrees of transparency, different styles may be used based on intended use and location which may be decorative, privacy oriented, or both. Windows24 offers a variety of styles which you can combine with other features as well like toughened or laminated glass and use in any type of window or door.

Satinato, Mastercarree, Ornament or Chinchilla

With so many designs and patterns to choose from, it is best to first consider the location.  The requirements for a piece of textured glass in a kitchen cabinet for example, will be different from those of a shower door.  Satinato and Mastercarree are currently the most popular while traditional patterns like chinchilla or frosted are always a safe choice.

On the other hand, patterns like Silvit, sometimes called rain glass based on its likeness to drops of water, is enjoying renewed popularity in areas like bathrooms and showers. In the past, textured glass was frequently given a bronze tone while nowadays, ornamental glazing almost is almost always clear.

Textured Glass & Safety Glass

Windows24 offers a variety of glazing types including patterned, decorative, safety, soundproofing and insulating. However, the choice is not either or. Customers have the option of configuring the combination of these options they need.

For example, a glass pane in a shower door should allow light in, obscure the view from outside and be both stronger than regular glass and safe if accidentally broken. For cases like these, you may choose to combine rain glass with toughened (or tempered) glass and meet all your requirements at once.

For a glass panel in your front door, you may not need a high level of translucence and depending on its size, laminated safety glass may be recommended to increase security and help burglar-proof your door.

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