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Composite bifold doors

Composite aluminium and wood bifold doors combine functionality and aesthetics. Their wooden parts give them a warm appearance, improve the air in the room and provide excellent thermal insulation. The external aluminium cladding improves burglary protection and protects the wooden parts from the weather. Configure your dream composite bifold door with the correct measurements and with many optional details, such as roller shutters on windows24.com.

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Our wooden bi-fold doors

Experience an open living space, with our internal or external bi-folding doors made of high-quality timber. Choose the type of timber that's perfect for you. Your options range from hardwoods like oak to softwoods such as spruce.

  • Wood-aluminium bifold door IDEALU VI 68
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.86
    The classic wood-aluminium system

    IDEALU IV 68

    • Offset design
    • 68 mm construction depth
    • Almost complete opening of the folding sashes
    from € 4,600 from € 4,600
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  • Wood-aluminium bifold door IDEALU IV 78
    UW- value
    ≥ 0.78
    The premium wood-aluminium system

    IDEALU IV 78

    • Offset design
    • 78 mm construction depth
    • Almost complete opening of the folding sashes
    from € 5,941 from € 5,941
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Fitting features for any composite bifold door

All bifold doors are made of several leaves and can be used for larger spaces by adding panels. That's why there are so many design choices for an individualised balcony or patio bifold door that you can also use as a room divider. Various colours and types of glazing bars that look great and are functional are just two options for individualising your new bi-folding door. The windows24.com configurator guides you step by step and offers important information on measurements and thermal insulation so you can create the perfect solution for your home.

Customise your wood-aluminium bifold door with various features

windows24.com has functional accessories and high-quality basic equipment for our wide range of aluminium-clad timber bifold doors. You can freely decide on each detail, starting with the glazing: focus on noise, thermal, or burglary protection and decide on the right colour for all fittings according to your preferences. One deciding factor is the location: If you use your composite bifold door as a room divider, elaborate thermal insulation isn't necessary. In this case, you might choose security glass instead.

Explanatory videos and instruction guides

Our product configurator on windows24.com makes designing your dream composite door ridiculously easy and quick. For the installation, you can opt for professionals or do everything yourself – provided you have the right tools and experience. We have many tutorial videos and step-by-step manuals on our site for all amateur craftsmen looking to install and adjust their bi-fold door. The DIY approach has one benefit: You get first-hand experience on how your bi-fold composite door works.

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Further information

Composite Bi-fold front doors and their benefits

Composite wood-aluminium bifold doors are an exciting variant of conventional patio doors and French doors. There are many different benefits for homeowners that choose a bi-folding door system:

  • Space-saving construction
  • Perfect for large openings
  • Incredibly easy handling
  • Natural light inside the room
  • Available in various colours from the RAL palette  

Due to their bifold functionality, wood aluminium bifold doors barely occupy space when they're open. The door leaves are folded like a concertina to let you through to your balcony or patio. The door space is a little larger than a single door leaf.

Additionally, your door system can have very large glass elements because every bi-folding element has its own frame. This construction method gives bi-fold doors reliable stability – unlike fully glazed doors and windows without a stabilising post. And the leaves can be operated very easily due to the sliding, bifold elements.

This door system also creates very bright and open spaces that'll look friendly and inviting to your visitors due to the natural light and great view outside.

We powder-coat the outer surface areas of our wood-aluminium bifold doors and paint the wooden interior surfaces. What colours we use depends entirely on your personal preferences. Pick your favourites from the RAL palette, like anthracite grey or classical white, in our comprehensive online configurator. Or you can go with a more natural look for your bifold door: Conserve the unique look of the wood’s natural grain with a colourless varnish that protects the timber from wear. The metal parts get the same look via a powder coating, making them almost maintenance-free and resistant to the weather and burglary attempts.

High-security doors with robust construction

You're looking for a door that's highly robust and resistant to force? Wood-aluminium bifold doors are a perfect choice, then. The aluminium cladding strengthens the frame, protecting it from being forced open. It also absorbs direct hits and thrusts reliably.

Safety glass and laminated glass add an additional layer of protection. These glazed elements have a tear-proof foil applied on their inside that prevents the glass from shattering completely, preventing shards from being scattered about. Add to that a handle with a multi-point locking system, and your bifold composite door is good to go in terms of security. Handles with locking mechanisms – for doors and windows alike – are great for families, too. Toddlers won’t be able to operate them efficiently and so they won’t stroll off the property without anyone noticing.


Frequently asked questions?

If you're looking for a bi-fold door that is easy on the eye and weatherproof, wood-aluminium composite materials are the way to go. The sliding folding door's cost depends heavily on its size, the number of door leaves, the type of wood used, and the built-in fittings. We have bifold composite doors with an installation depth of 68 mm starting at €4,600, and models with a 78 mm installation depth starting at €5,941.

Wood creates a cosy atmosphere, has a high natural thermal efficiency, and always looks unique due to its unique grain pattern. But the material gets damaged easily without regular maintenance. That's where the metal cladding comes into play: it protects the bi-fold door's profile from the weather and makes it highly robust and low-maintenance.

Every type of wood has its own characteristics, so you should carefully consider what type you want for your bifold door. Our default type is pine, a reliable classic for building doors and windows. Alternatively, you can go for Meranti, a tropical type of wood with a very rich colour. Rustic larch is excellent for anyone looking for an expressive woodgrain pattern.

The traditional look for windows and bi-folding doors alike incorporates glazed elements with bars. You can decide to go with one of three types of bars for your new bifolding door: Helima bars are inserted in between the two panes of the double glass element. Wiener bars are put on both sides of the glass. And the classic glass-splitting bars work as parts of the frame, connecting the double or triple glazing. Use the windows24.com online configurator to choose the number and position of the bars on every element of your external bifold door.

Our wood and composite aluminium bi-fold doors can be built with three to five-door leaves. It's up to you to decide which door leaf can be opened in which way – sliding or folding. You can expect strong hinges, thermally efficient materials, and top-notch fittings from windows24.com bifold doors, guaranteeing flawless functionality and easy handling.

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about bifold doors.

Your question is not answered here? Then simply call us on +49 711 860 601 60. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Or you can directly arrange a telephone appointment. Whether for a new building or a renovation, you will receive individual expert advice from us so that you can configure your desired product exactly according to your ideas.

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