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Bifold door fittings

A bi-fold door can create an elegant wide entrance and front that leads out onto patios and gardens. The system can fully open and lets in much air and light. Due to the large glass surfaces, quality fittings are a must-have to ensure good security and sturdy durability. At windows24.com, bi-fold doors feature several strong locking points, purpose-designed pins, and plate aluminium fittings. Just read on to find out more and enjoy the open view with peace of mind.


Bifold door hardware for secure doors

A bifold door consists of many elements. You need the right hinges to connect all of them and have them open and close in the bifold style: sliding and folding. The door hardware is built in at the frame’s top and bottom. The guide rail that allows the door leaves to be opened and closed is usually on top of the frame. The hardware element at the bottom is mostly just a slide section. windows24.com offers bifold doors in two materials:

  • Wood
  • Wood aluminium

The wood aluminium composite system combines the strengths of both materials.

It’s highly energy-efficient because of the wood’s excellent thermal insulation and the beautiful natural look is an added bonus.

An aluminium cladding makes for a robust, flush, and durable outer layer that protects the bifold door against bad weather – which would damage a pure wood frame over time without the proper care. You can colour the inner frame in one of many options to fit in with your furniture or your home’s overall interior design. uPVC bifold door systems are unfortunately not available.

For your bifold door’s size, you must remember how many elements you want. Here are the measurements (min. - max. width x min. - max. height) for 3-, 4-, and 5-part models:

  • 3-part: 2010 - 2760 mm x 1885 - 2260 mm
  • 4-part: 2760 - 3760 mm x 1885 - 2260 mm
  • 5-part: 3385 - 4510 mm x 1885 - 2260 mm

For your convenience, we have fitting hardware systems for all models and sizes on windows24.com. You can find hardware in different variants – size, design, and material. That’ll make sure your door hardware always suits its designated workplace.

Unfortunately, bi-fold doors often are vantage points for intruders. Thus, investing in secure fittings like lock handles, multi-point lock systems, or bi-fold door hardware with special locking pins that prevent it from getting pried open makes sense. The hinges aren’t visible in a closed state and consequently not a target.

Concerning handles, you have different choices: you can go with a standard variant without a locking cylinder, a handle with a push button or the safest configuration – lock handles with a key that you can pull out.

Roller shutters are another safety accessory. They hinder intruders from reaching your bifold style entry through your patio. But they only work if you’ve completely closed them. Keep in mind to shut your roller shutters, especially if no one’s home for longer than a day.

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