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Design fully accessible folding sliding doors

Accessible living is easy these days – if you choose the right products. Accessibility for balcony and patio doors in particular was an architectural dilemma for a long time, but today modern components such as folding sliding doors can be easily installed without having to resort to expensive electrical devices. Folding doors are easy to open and close and, thanks to the door frame built into the ground, do not present any noticeable obstacles for wheelchairs or people with restricted mobility. At windows24.com, this door type can be made accessible quickly and easily.

Which doors are suitable for accessible living?

While interior doors are usually accessible due to the low thresholds, balcony, patio and front doors in particular cannot always be accessible, regardless of whether they have a wood, uPVC or aluminium frame.

Doors with a threshold

Installing accessible doors can be a problem, as not all door mechanisms work properly when sunk into the floor. Parallel tilt and slide doors for example, are based on the option of lifting the door leaves out of the frame in parallel – unfortunately, this mechanism cannot be integrated into the floor.

Also, not all models are easy to open for people with walking disabilities. Front doors with an automatic closing function, for example, can pose a greater problem for many people than door types which are difficult to open anyway due to the position of the handle.

The solution – folding sliding doors

If you can live without automatic locking functions, then a folding sliding door is the best door for you, as this can be easily installed as an accessible door. There are four main reasons for this:

  • Good position of the door handle
  • Simple horizontal opening
  • Variable width of the door opening
  • Optional installation without threshold

While aspects such as the position of the door handle, and the installation without a threshold also make lift and slide doors accessible, folding sliding doors which are manufactured as accessible are easy to open, and available with many different types of opening which gives them a greater advantage. Since this system consists of individual sash segments, much less force is required to push the door open, compared with lift-and-slide doors. The segmentation of the door allows you to determine the number of segments to be moved when opening. Even wide wheelchairs will easily fit through the door opening.

How to install accessible folding sliding doors

If you want to make a foldable balcony or patio door accessible according to DIN 18040-2, the main part is completed during the installation. The design of a folding sliding door facilitates easy opening and closing. You have to make sure that the door is easy to get through.

Laminated safety glass provides an additional plus in everyday security, as it effectively prevents burglaries.

Accessible folding sliding doors are easy to use thanks to the threshold-free installation. For this purpose, the lower part of the window frame is embedded in the floor. However, this is work that requires the input of a window and door specialist, because when unfolding, the individual door segments swing out slightly and can easily scratch the floor or even get stuck completely if the floor is uneven or the door is installed at an angle. Even accessible folding sliding doors can easily be customised by painting them in one of the many available RAL colours - depending on the material - and by attaching foils to the frame or glass.

Folding sliding doors – convenient and accessible

The right door is an indispensable basic component for the accessibility of an apartment according to DIN 18040-2. For this purpose, folding sliding doors can be installed as completely accessible and are convenient and secure.

At windows24.com, the desired options for folding sliding doors can be entered in the product configurator and are immediately visible in the order.

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