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Folding sliding doors with different opening types

The functional highlight of folding sliding doors is their opening type, which stands out from other models. Thanks to couplings and fittings, the individual glazed elements are folded along the vertical axis and can then be easily moved on the running track. However, this function means that folding sliding doors are somewhat restricted in other opening types. For example, not all elements of a folding sliding door can be tilted, as is usually the case with the movable sashes on conventional sliding and tilt and turn doors.

Which opening types are possible?

Folding sliding doors impress with their space-saving opening mechanism, which pushes the individual door sashes together in a kind of bundle at the end of the running track. In this way, no folding element protrudes into the room and takes up valuable space. A folding sliding door based on this principle does not need fixed jambs to ensure its stability. The individual door elements sit in their respective wood, uPVC or aluminium blend sash frames and are held in place by the upper and lower running tracks.

In addition to simple opening and closing, folding sliding doors also offer other opening types that depend on the model ordered, such as:

  • Tilt function
  • Opening several elements together

Individual variants are available as standard at windows24.com. Special requests can be made upon request.

Open multiple elements

With more than three sashes, it may be worth considering a model in which several elements can be opened together or certain modules can be opened in the other direction. In this way, access to the garden or terrace is created as required, without making the entire living room accessible from the outside.

Tilt function

As with a conventional tilt and turn door, certain folding sliding door models allow you to tilt one sash. In this way, you have some ventilation without having to open the entire sliding door.

Explanation of folding sliding door opening types

The different opening types of folding sliding doors open up a multitude of possibilities that significantly increase living comfort.

Best equipment for folding sliding doors

Regardless of the material and other opening types, you can choose whether you want the folding sliding door to open to the left or right when you place your order. In this way, each door is adapted to the specific conditions of your home.. Folding sliding doors are available in many colours. Depending on the material, we offer the entire RAL palette or a selection of decorative film. With the appropriate glazing, however, you can also bolster thermal insulation, sound insulation and break-in protection. In addition to various opening types, colours and glazing, other accessories such as bars, handles and a large number of other attachments for folding sliding doors are also available.

How does the division work?

Various models of folding sliding doors are available at windows24.com, including different opening types and a variable number of sashes. Each version is numbered and contains three digits, such as "532". This number says a lot about the folding sliding door. The digits always follow the following pattern:

  • Total number of sashes
  • Number of sashes opening to the left
  • Number of sashes opening to the right

Model no. 532 therefore has five sashes, three of which open to the left and two to the right. The other models also work according to this pattern and can therefore be selected based on the number of sashes and desired type of opening.

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