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Handles for folding sliding doors – individual design

Wide balcony doors are ideal for connecting indoors and outdoors. They let a maximum amount of natural daylight into the interior, creating an open and light atmosphere in your own four walls. If you want to use the potential of facade glazing for your own patio, balcony or garden, folding sliding doors are the best choice. As with all other windows and doors, the handles also play an important role in this innovative door type.

Versatile opening options to suit every taste

Similar to other sliding doors, there are hardly any limits to the combination and design options for folding sliding doors. Depending on whether it is a through door or an external door, folding sliding doors can be fitted with either one or two handles. Similar to windows, security locks can also be built-in to the handle elements of folding sliding doors for balconies or patios - maximum break-in protection is always guaranteed. Some commonly used and popular materials are:

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • uPVC

There are also very few limits to customer wishes when it comes to the other design options for a folding sliding door. In addition to the shape of the handles, the colour design can also be customised. Angular handles made of matt aluminium are currently especially popular due to their timeless simplicity and easy care. Thanks to modern methods, die-cast zinc handles are also becoming a visual highlight on every folding sliding door.

A robust handle for heavy loads

In contrast to simple windows, the handles on folding sliding doors are not only used to open the glass elements, but also to open and close the entire door facade. Due to this dual function, the handles must also be able to withstand greater tensile and loading forces than simple lever knobs.

The materials used for the handles are therefore specially optimised to withstand heavy forces, and are not only high-quality, but also extremely resilient and durable.

The special features of folding sliding doors

Folding sliding doors work according to the accordion principle, ie the glass surface, which consists of several frames, can be completely folded together using a rail system. The individual elements are connected to each other via flap fittings and to the frame via shelf supports and sliding door fittings.

Due to the movable construction of folding sliding doors and their individual segments, the doors cannot use the classic mushroom-head locking system. However, other mechanisms, such as the bolt locking system, are compatible with any handle.

Folding sliding doors are a special form of the usual patio door, in the form of a lift and slide door or the classic tilt and turn door. They offer excellent functionality and, depending on the design, they can even allow some of the door elements to be opened or tilted independently of the others. This creates completely new potential uses for folding sliding doors. They are in no way inferior to comparable doors in terms of thermal insulation, break-in protection and sound insulation. Break-in protection can be effectively improved through the use of special handles and locking cylinders.

Create a harmonious image for the home

Due to the large number of possible modules, this type of sliding door allows the use of several handles on the profile strips. If necessary, various elements of the folding sliding door can be equipped with a handle, which ensures an individual opening according to the desired width.

Before ordering a folding sliding door, you should take into consideration the situation of your balcony or patio. In order to enable a uniform overall picture in the house with different windows and doors, it is also extremely important that the handles of the individual systems harmonise with each other in terms of shape and colour.

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