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Glass bifold doors

When choosing materials for your glass bifold door to the patio, the decisions are not only about aluminium, wooden or uPVC frames. The transparent sections are just as important – or even more so, given that the largest surface area of bifold leaves is made up of transparent panes. That means that your choice of glazing strongly influences how secure and energy-efficient the entire door will be. Thus, you should also consider which type of glazed insert you want to include in your bifold door.

High-quality bi-fold doors

At windows24.com, you can choose from numerous glazing types to find the one that perfectly matches your requirements. Here are some of our glazing types:

  • Multi-pane panels
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Impact-resistant glazing

Naturally, we also offer noise-dampening and thermally insulated materials as well as ornamented and frosted glass for unique designs. Simply choose the glazed elements you prefer for your made-to-measure external bifold door in our windows24.com product configurator. In some cases, you may even combine different materials in the same multi-pane insert.

Multi-pane panels

Much like windows, bifold leaves can be fashioned with double-glazing or triple-glazed sliding leaves. This system slows down thermal diffusion, which occurs when cold outside air hits the surface. To a small extent, these panes can even decrease outside noise, though not as efficiently as proper noise-dampening ones.

Multi-pane double-glazed panels consist of multiple layers of glass, with gas-filled spaces between them.

This means that when cold air touches the exterior surface, it will first have to decrease the temperature of the gas inside the gas-filled layer (or layers) before it can affect the temperature of the air inside your home.

We typically use Xenon or Argon gas as they are comparatively dense, slowing the thermal diffusion effect even further.

Laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass window

This material is typically chosen for its safety and security benefits. It consists of two thin clear glass panes bonded together with a tear-resistant film. When the clear glass is shattered, the film stays intact, and most of the shards will stick to it, making this material much safer to handle when broken but more difficult to remove for intruders.

Impact-resistant glazing

Quality test for glazing

Secure patio doors and French doors are essential. And while laminated safety glass offers some measure of protection for windows and doors, impact-resistant material can further improve security. Although there are three tiers of security with this material, ranging from A1 to A3, windows24.com only offers tiers A1 and A3 for sliding doors, as tier A2 is only minimally more resistant than A1.

Regardless of which type you choose, these panels provide excellent security against raw force.

High-quality options for bifold doors

External bi-fold doors can be customised for stylistic reasons or because of the unique architectural situation in your home. That's why windows24.com offers plenty of customisation options, from materials (aluminium, wood, uPVC) to security options. And in the unique case of bi-fold doors, you can even use different types of patterned or clear glass for each individual bi-folding door leaf.

Aluminium bifold and folding doors are modern variants of sliding doors, though they have comparatively smaller individual transparent inserts compared to most sliding door systems. Bi-fold doors consist of several leaves, each with its own casement. Keep this in mind when customising your own exterior patio door or bifolding door with the windows24.com online configurator.

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