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Windows and Doors Terminology


Argon Double Glazing

Argon is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic unreactive gas that is denser than air. It has been used safely in homes and windows for years and fills the gap between two glass panes used in double window glazing, for example. Rather than air, which is also often used in this space, argon has a very low thermal conductivity. This means that it acts as a barrier material, stabilising interior temperatures by preventing too much heat or cold from entering. With argon, double-glazed windows therefore become energy-efficient, saving on heating costs and reducing carbon footprint.

 Anti-burglary Windows

While windows provide ample natural daylight and fresh air, as the openings to buildings and with their large glass surfaces, they can also be vulnerable, attracting burglars trying to enter homes. With special laminated glazing options and security hinges from windows24.com, even the largest full-length windows can, however, become highly secure.


Extension Jamb

Extension jambs are pieces of wood, uPVC or aluminium with bespoke dimensions that are manufactured into doors and window frames, or delivered separately to be retrofitted. Jambs are used to ensure that window frames fit snugly into awkward openings by adding depth to the frame, for example. The intended result is to ensure that windows sit flush with the interior wall, avoiding any unwanted entry of drafts or moisture. With an effective extension jam, window casing or trim can then be applied more easily. All elements involved can also be colour matched to interiors, meaning practical functionality meets elegant design.



Fanlights, also known as a transom light, refer to an additional glass panel above windows or doors. They can be hinged to and separated by a transom, come in different dimensions and are often semi-circular or rectangular in shape. In older architecture fanlights also often feature multiple glazing bars, breaking up the panel into interesting shapes, such as a “sunburst” which adds interest and character to building façades. In the comprehensive configurator at windows24.com, fanlights can be added as an extra to door designs. This elegant addition also brings in much daylight which brightens entrance areas, making them appear more spacious and inviting.

Fire Escape Windows

Depending on the building type or local regulations, it is often highly recommended or required that first floor windows be fire escape models. To achieve this classification, windows must be of a certain size, often 450 mm by 450 mm at a minimum, and provide an unobstructed opening, such as of at least 0.33m². Windows should also be installed close to the floor. These requirements help to ensure swift exit in the event of a fire. Easy opening mechanisms are then a further feature of fire escape windows, as is a flying mullion, which refers to a removable bar separating double windows or doors.


German-made Windows

With 150 years of window expertise and based in the heart of southern Germany, high-quality products from Neuffer are part of a long tradition. Since then the German window industry has seen many technical developments which are innovative and set high-quality standards globally.

Glazing Gasket

Glazing gaskets are used to seal glass to window frames or sashes. They remove the need for sealant, which can become messy when applied and are often made of rubber. This means that glazing gaskets are durable and ensure a neat, finished look. Glazing gaskets are used to hold glass securely in position in windows and doors. They also play an important role in protecting homes from moisture and drafts which could otherwise become an issue due to gaps between the frame or sash and glazing.



Adding traditional charm and character, muntins, also known as glazing bars, are strips of wood or metal which divide glass in a window’s openable sash into small panes. The panes and pattern achieved can range from large rectangular panels to diamonds forming a grid. Popular in the UK, muntins were traditionally used in windows due to manufacturing cost savings and architectural design. They are often still required today in listed building renovations or to add a country-cottage charm and can now feature insulated glass –head to the configurator at windows24.com to view and select glazing bars for your bespoke window and add character to your home.


The practice of window manufacturing goes back several hundred years with the first products found in Europe during the Middle Ages. Primarily made from lead, every pane in early windows was complexly produced by hand and often used for cathedrals or by the upper class. Over time a shift then took place, leading to the production of more affordable windows with the introduction of new blown glass followed by modern machinery.



Outlets can be found globally. Their principle? To resell high-quality branded goods at low prices. This is also the case for windows – as an online supplier and distributor, we offer a wide choice of products which can be bespoke-made and affordably tailored to suit your requirements.


Price Calculator

With the large scope given to design a bespoke window, such as add-ons and personalised choices, at windows24.com product prices vary. Using are window price calculator, however, the price is synchronously displayed after each modification to the base model.


Window profiles frame glazing and come in different materials including uPVC, wood and aluminium. As well as stabilising the window, profiles can also significantly impact their performance. Built-in chambers, for example, can increase insulation and drainage.



High-quality at Neuffer stands for excellent texture, finish, performance and condition. Our windows and doors are durable long-term investments which are highly secure, manufactured by reliable brands and designed by our experts to fulfil customer requests. Reliable and innovative, testing certificiates are clearly displayed and market-leading technology like fingerprint locking and a range of customisable opening mechanisms are readily available.


Sash Window

Window frames tend to be fixed to walls and encase a sash or multiple sashes connected to them. A sash is the moveable part of the window that opens and closes, it also commonly features a handle. At windows24.com, many high-quality modern windows with sashes are available, featuring a variety of innovative German opening mechanisms, such as the tilt and turn system. Original sash windows, on the other hand, thought to have been invented in the Netherlands or United Kingdom, add a traditional charm and are often a prerequisite for listed building renovations. Available in different styles, such as Georgian and Victorian, these windows feature two elegant sashes placed over one another, which slide vertically with a counterweight mechanism.


A skylight, also referred to as a rooflight, is a window which is typically built into roofs. With their origins in Ancient Rome, skylights were once fully open structures bringing in both light and the elements. Nowadays, in modern buildings, they are commonly closed with glazing, featuring a frame which encases an openable sash attached by hinges. Similarly to fanlights, which refer to an overhead glass panel above doors, skylights optimise daylight, creating an elegant, spacious ambience. Varying in size from small slits to generous panels, skylights can brighten even the most difficult to reach, dimly lit of corridors while also providing a great supply of fresh air, ventilating rooms effectively when tilted open.



A transom is a straight horizontal bar or beam placed between a door and its overhead fanlight. Transoms look attractive but also play a functional role, strengthening the door frame and acting as an upper crosspiece, allowing the door and fanlight to open independently of one another. Notable examples of doors featuring transoms and overhead fanlights include the UK Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street, where a thick white transom supports a decorative fanlight and adds to the stark black and white colour contrast.


Window Condensation

Window condensation refers to the process whereby warm, often humid air from inside meets colder glass, condensing onto it, forming water droplets which steam up the window. This often occurs due to poor ventilation and insulation and can lead to mould forming which can cause health issues. In order to reduce the risk of this happening, condensation should be removed from windows with a microfibre cloth and interiors should be regularly aired. If condensation occurs between window panes, then this signals that they are not no longer performing effectively. In such cases they should be replaced with efficient modern windows featuring double or triple glazing with an airtight space between panes and additional built-in ventilation.

Window Security Bars

Typically made from galvanised and stainless steel or wrought iron, security bars installed on windows help to reduce the risk of a break-in. The material used can determine the strength and inflexibility of bars while a narrower distance between them increases security. Window security bars can be fixed or mobile with emergency exit versions, light colour finishes and lattice patterns also popular.

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