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Window quality

Window quality is a relatively broad term but can largely be understood as referring to a set of high standards, requirements, or a degree of excellence that products should meet. This can be realised in terms of their functional performance, design, variety, and the overall service, or ideally a combination of such factors.

With our 150-year history in the window industry, close ties to leading European suppliers, an expert team, and expanding product portfolio, windows24.com is ideally placed to provide tried and tested high-quality new windows to customers around the world.

Key features of good quality windows

High-quality windows, such as those from windows24.com, should effortlessly fullfill key functional requirements and then go the extra mile in terms of being perfectly customised to suit individual customer priorities.

Important features include:

  • Excellent security (with the option to meet RC1 and 2 resistance classes)

  • Value for money thanks to impressive durability (potentially with guarantee)

  • Superior thermal performance with proven low u-values

  • Expert attention to detail for sleek design and snug installation

  • Professional finishes and a variety of add-on options

  • Tested product performance according to regulations

Fittings and glazing

In order order to provide the excellent security of a high-quality window our products come with a standard range of fittings from the German supplier, Winkhaus.

The fittings have been manufactured according to stringent European and German regulations, resulting in durable, strong opening mechanisms and hinges that can be relied upon.

To further enhance break-in protection, our windows can also feature purpose-designed laminated safety glass with invisible integrated foil layers. An increased number of locking points and fittings can also be selected to achieve a maximum RC2 burglar resistance class.

Just like our basic security option, our windows come with good thermal insulation in their standard configuration. This is because we use expertly manufactured double glazing featuring two panes of glass rather than just one.

To further increase energy efficiency, triple glazing is also available.

With its three panes this glass is thicker, which further prevents energy loss via conduction and helps to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

To back up this claim, all our profiles come with tested, accurate low u-values that define the amount of heat lost per square metre.

Quality window variety

To ensure products can fullfill customer requirements correctly, it is important that window suppliers offer variety in their portfolios. With our specialism in customisation, this is where windows24.com really comes into its own. We offer five different window materials, for example: uPVC, wood, aluminium, uPVC-alu, and wood-alu.

Where uPVC windows with double glazing may be the best, quality choice for customers prioritising cost and low-maintenance, wooden windows clad by aluminium could be better suited to those requesting bespoke patterns paired with robust protection.

Different options are key when it comes to quality windows.

Professional finishing and add-on options are a further important feature that quality windows should have. Alongside handles and glazing bars, at windows24.com a large selection of durable RAL colour options and decors are also available for the window frame. These coatings are applied professionally to ensure long-lasting vibrancy – RAL colours are powder-coated onto aluminium products, for example, to ensure in sleek modern designs.

Our certificates and guarantees

As further evidence of their quality, our windows have been rigorously tested and have received industry renowned certificates in accordance with regulation compliance.

The wood-alu Eco Plano window profile is IFT Rosenheim and All Facades Ltd certified for its water tightness as well as its strength and meets the requirements of a high wind zone product, that is ideal for storm protection, for example.

We are so sure of the product's quality, that we also provide a 10-year guarantee on its exterior aluminium shell and a 5-year guarantee for the wooden surface.

Eco Plano is not the only certified window profile that we offer. Other models, such as the uPVC windows, energeto 8000 or energeto 8000 ED, have been tested and verified as passive house products by the Passive House Institute. This leaves no room for doubt when it comes to the profiles' excellent thermal insulation and suitability for passive house projects.

Premium service for innovative products

A further important aspect of window quality goes beyond the product and relates to service. The entire process from ordering the product to installation and after-care should meet the highest standards. At windows24.com this is what we strive to do.

The user-friendly configurator guides customers through double glazing, triple glazing, uPVC windows, and more while our excellent customer service is on hand to help you make a great choice. Home improvements are kept simple with our step-by-step measuring and installation guides, and from questions about double glazing to replacing the smallest of fittings, we are there to help.

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