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Wooden front door canopies

Front door canopies made of wood are your home's calling card – they're the first thing your guests see when approaching your door or porch. Wooden brackets are a great way of showing your guests that you value traditional materials and craftsmanship. Even better, you can quickly and easily customise your door canopy online. Whether you're looking for a fixed canopy or a retractable awning for your front door, you'll find it at windows24.com.

Our front door canopy ideas

Robust and highly individualistic – design your very own door or porch canopy to give your front door or porch a personal touch

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Further information

The advantages of having a front door canopy

There are plenty of ways to protect yourself, your front door or porch and your guests from the rain. A carport ensures your car won't be damaged by a hailstorm overnight, while your front door canopy acts as a convenient rain shelter for guests waiting for you to answer the door. And who doesn't want a roof over their heads when the sun is glaring down on the porch during the summer months? Whether you're looking for something to protect your guests or you just want to prevent your door from being damaged and discoloured by the sun and the rain, a decorative door awning or front door canopy made of timber is an excellent way to do it. You can even choose one that mirrors the design of your home's roof or porch to create a consistent overall design.

Our timber door canopies are all made from high-quality coniferous timbers. Some of these timbers are untreated, while others are pre-treated to be moisture-resistant. Thus, they combine a traditional aesthetic with excellent weather protection. No more letting your guests wait in the rain and getting drenched on the porch because you're looking for your keys. And, of course, timber canopies provide shade in the summer months. This isn't just convenient for guests; it also prevents the sun's UV rays from discolouring your front door over time (even if the door is treated with a UV-stabilised compound).

Whichever of our timber canopies you decide to get for your front door or porch, it'll be easy to install. Our canopies come as door canopy kits or porch canopy kits for easy DIY installation. The kit includes all the necessary parts and a manual that runs you through the installation process. You will have your new canopy built in no-time and soon you’ll be able to keep your front door dry and clean while giving the overall design of your house that extra something.

Timber door canopies with glazing or shingles?

Whether you're looking at your new front door canopy, your porch canopy, your pergola, your lean-to, your carport or your awning, one thing is sure: all of these structures catch the eye, so it's important that they fit into your home's overall design aesthetic.

This is why, even if you know you want a canopy made with a timber support structure, you should take some time to consider what material the actual roof part of your canopy should be made of. That said, the available materials don't just impact the looks of your porch. There are practical considerations to be made as well. For example, shingles and glazing elements differ in terms of how much maintenance they require and how resistant they are to harsh weather.


To make absolutely sure your door canopy fits with the aesthetics of your home (and your porch in particular), you may decide to install one made with shingles. These timber canopies are made with a sheet of roofing felt onto which the shingles are laid. The roofing felt's purpose is to create a smooth surface which provides ample support for the relatively heavy shingles. You can choose from various colours and shapes for the shingles to make sure they fit with the rest of your home.

Shingles are highly resistant to rain, snow and hail and are highly durable compared to some other materials. They're also low-maintenance, as rainwater clears any grime that may collect on the shingles. Over the years, moss may start to grow, however. This can decrease their structural integrity and change your door canopy's look. More importantly, the support rafters of a timber canopy may be damaged from long-term moss growth. You should get rid of any moss infestation right away.


If you're looking for a more modern design, combining timber with curved or straight glass panes is a great option. You're basically combining one of the most traditional building materials available with a sleek modern material for a completely unique look. At windows24.com, you'll find the following types of glazing elements for porch and door canopies:

  • Acrylic (similar to fibreglass)
  • Multi-layer (polycarbonate)
  • Laminated safety glazing 

Both acrylic and multi-layer polycarbonate glazing elements are made of transparent plastics, while laminated safety glazing consists of multiple layers of real glass bonded together by a transparent plastic film. This film is highly tear-resistant, which means that if the panes are ever shattered, the shards will stick to the film. This type of glazing element is often used for windows to make them more secure against burglars. Since the film prevents injuries from stray glass shards, it's also used for door canopies.

The main advantage of a glazed door canopy on your porch (in contrast to one covered with shingles) is that the smooth surface makes it much harder for grime or moss to accumulate. Thus, glazing elements require less maintenance, though acrylic and polycarbonate materials can be scratched more quickly – which is definitely not the case for shingles.

Also, remember that if one of the shingles on your door canopy gets damaged, you can easily replace it. If your glazed door canopy is significantly damaged, you will need to replace the entire sheet of glass, which is more costly.

Various types of timber canopies

The shape of your door canopy can also be important, both in terms of its function and looks. windows24.com offers various types of canopies for your doors and your porch, with different designs, such as:

  • Console
  • Hip
  • Gable 

These options allow you to find whichever shape looks and feels best. Make your choice based on already existing factors such as the shape of your home's roof or your porch’s design. No matter the type of canopy you choose, timber supports look really good in combination with windows and wooden doors made of spruce, oak, meranti, larch and walnut timbers.


These door canopies feature a straightforward projection. They're pitched to ensure water can run off efficiently. This style is timelessly minimalistic, offering a lot of room for customisation. Naturally, the projection is what catches your eye, creating a very different look compared to other canopy shapes.

You can also choose to have a console canopy that's not pitched as strongly. If this is the case, you should invest in a gutter system to drain the rainwater more efficiently from your entrance area.


Gable canopies mirror the shape of most roofs, with two pitched sides, like a small portico. Not only does this make the canopy fit with most houses and doors, but it also helps water or snow to run off.

Since most houses feature roofs in the same shape, gable canopies can look very traditional. A gable canopy made of wooden supports and shingles may just be the most traditional option we have at windows24.com. Naturally, this setup fits perfectly with timber doors and windows.


Hip door canopies are one of the more popular options you can choose at windows24.com, as the three pitched sides are both efficient when it comes to protection against the sun and the rain not to mention interesting to look at.

These door canopies are perfect for houses with hip roofs, as they mirror their shape. Of course, you can also mount them over your doorway if you have a gable roof, creating an interesting geometric eye-catcher.

Which types of timber are available?

windows24.com uses domestic spruce wood to create high-quality door canopies, as this softwood offers numerous advantages compared to hardwood and other types of timber.

The material is comparatively cost-effective, and spruce has fewer branches which might impact the look of the wood grain on the finished canopy. Moreover, spruce is relatively soft, which makes it an excellent building material, particularly for creating complex shapes. Like all other types of timber, spruce needs some maintenance, however. Make sure to occasionally re-paint the brackets on your canopy to keep it safe from moisture.

This requires more maintenance compared to door or porch canopies with metal brackets, but it gives you the opportunity to change colours every once in a while. So, if you no longer like the look of your door canopy, you can simply paint it in another colour to create an entirely new look.

Traditional or modern styles?

A timber door canopy over the entrance to your house or porch provides a great look and reliable protection against bad weather. But another advantage of timber is that the material 'breathes' throughout the year. In other words, the material adapts to the environment, temperature and humidity. So aside from simply being an aesthetic choice, the material of the support structure also influences other factors. For example, metal supports may heat up during the summer months, unlike their counterparts made of softwood.

So, picking timber as a building material isn't just the more traditional choice; it may also have practical effects. Don't worry – you still have the option of a glazed door or porch canopy with wooden brackets if you prefer a more modern look.

Installing your front door canopy

windows24.com sells door canopies as convenient kits, including everything you need to install them (except for tools). You can ask a professional builder to install your door canopy kit, this may be more costly, but it's safer, too. Wooden door canopies with glazing elements or shingles can be quite heavy, making it harder to install them if you don't have a helper or two. Luckily, wooden supports are a bit lighter than metal ones, making them easier to mount. The kit includes a manual that'll walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

When installing your front door canopy, keep the following things in mind to ensure it'll reliably protect your door:

  • Install a functioning gutter system
  • Always mount the support structure securely on the wall
  • Keep the insulation of the wall in mind when drilling  

How to make water run off your rain shelter efficiently

No matter what type of door or porch canopy you mount above your door, you need to ensure rainwater can run off easily. If left on the door canopy, this water may damage the surface by providing nourishment for mosses or by running into the material and freezing in the winter, which may create cracks. In the warmer months, stagnant water may even cause the supports to rot, creating a safety hazard over time.

To prevent this, you need to mount the canopy over your door correctly so that water can simply run off.


The support structure is an integral part of the canopy over your front door, as it needs to be strong enough to bear the weight of snow in the winter without the entire structure collapsing. Ensure the canopy is pitched so water and snow can run off easily. You may also want to install a gutter system.

Equally important, make sure to mount your front door canopy so that it doesn't compromise the thermal insulation properties of your walls. As door or porch canopies are anchored into the wall, this may impact some types of insulation negatively. Also, some exterior insulation materials may not be strong enough to support the wooden brackets.

Frequently asked questions

Canopies and awnings are the perfect addition to any door or porch, as they protect them against the weather while adding a sense of style that will wow your guests. Hardwood or softwood supports are the perfect choice if you're into a slightly more traditional look. There are various shapes and models available, including curved and straight glazing elements, giving you a wide variety of choices for any budget.

There are console, hip and gable door canopies available at windows24.com. Console door canopies are flat with only a slight pitch to ensure rainwater can run off. Gable door or porch canopies are probably the most frequently used form with their two equal sides, while hip canopies feature three sides.

Wooden door canopies for your house's entrance can reach anywhere from 13 kg to 40 kg, depending on how they're built and whether they're fitted with glazing panes or shingles. You can find the weight of all our timber door canopies in the product description. Note that the door canopy kit weighs the same.

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