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Steel windows

Steel comprises mostly iron to which small amounts of a number of other elements, such as sulphur, chrome, nickel, manganese etc. have been added. The adddition of these elements to the base metal changes the poperties, colour and behaviour of the original steel. This results in there being a number of different classes of steel. This means that steel can be specially produced to possess different qualities as required and has thus found many applications in all areas of industry. The window industry is also able to profit from the advantages that this material offers and can manufacture steel windows.

Modern steel windows

Modern windows produced from steel stand out due to their ability to withstand great loads and also the security aspect. Consequently such windows are ideally suited not only for cellar or basement windows, but also for large-dimensioned and large-scale window constructions. The raw material steel allows the width of the window profile to remain fine, narrow and delicate despite the large surface area. In addition the modern steel window stands out due to its contemporary appearance and unusual design.

Advantages of steel windows

  • large-scale, multi-sash window design
  • high load-bearing
  • easy to maintain
  • individual design possible
  • variety of elements and methods of opening
  • anti-burglar and bullet resistant versions
  • minimal construction depth
  • modern and delicate design


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In the past steel windows were almost exclusively used for cellar windows and were virtually ignored when it came to residential properties. Part of the problem was the higher thermal conductivity and the weight of steel. In the mean time all this has changed. Ever more window manufacturers are offering windows constructed of steel. On the one hand this is due to the robust construction and to the lasting durability of such windows on the other.

As the basic raw material consists mainly of iron, the outer surfaces need to be treated against corrosion either by galvanising or by applying powder coating.
After galvanising the surface of the steel it can now be painted. Steel windows also allow different colour possibilities which can be individually designed.

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