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Sliding sash windows – security and flexibility

Ideally suited for any home situation: whether large imposing facade or narrow sloping roof – a sliding sash window provides flexible living conditions and can be individually designed. Depending on the model the window is opened by either sliding horizontally or lifting vertically and can, when equipped with a motor, be electronically operated. Space saving and energy efficient they shine out due to high quality materials while providing lots of light. Economical, durable and sustainable – that is sliding sash windows fromWindows24.com.

Energy efficient living

Large surface in smallest of spaces

Sustainability meets functionality. After the latest amendments to the Energy Saving directive (EnEV), high standards have been set for the efficient use of energy for sliding sash windows. The necessary thermal insulation measures are thus a guarantee for lower heating costs. The most modern materials such as multi-layer insulted glass ensure that the heat transmission coefficient (Ug-value) is below 1.3 W/(m2K). Where higher demands on the glazing are required, then the Ug-value can be reduced further. Simply put, lowering this heat transmission coefficient by only 0.1 W/(m2K) leads to lower heating oil requirements of approx. 1.1 l per square meter of living space. Offering a sustainable solution and also shows forward-thinking when it comes to renovation or new build.

Sliding windows

By doing without a sash that swings into the room when open means space saving and seating or other furniture can comfortably be placed in front of the window. Individually manufactured the sliding sash window can be matched to anyone’s living conditions and are freely designable in terms of size and colour. There are virtually no limits to what can be done with sliding sash windows.

Slide or lift

Comfortable opening and closing thanks to modern technology

Sash windows are available in two different forms: sliding horizontal or lifting vertical versions. Whether opened sideways or upwards, thanks to modern guide rail systems the amount of effort required in opening is actually less than for conventional windows with turn-and-tilt mechanics. The large visible surface allows bright lighting conditions and lends the room a very modern appearance. By sliding windows that must be lifted vertically to open it is possible to have a motor fitted. That makes handling much easier every time, regardless of age or muscle power. Fitted with a counter-weight the amount of force required remains comparatively low even if operated manually and quiet opening and closing is guaranteed for all models.
These windows can be adapted at a later date and fulfill all demands.

Open window with sliding function

They can be fitted with laminated safety glass or multi-layer insulated glass.

The high quality finishing using the best available materials are a special feature of sash windows fromWindows24.com.

Wood, uPVC and more

Individual solutions for form, shape and material

Our sash windows are individually manufactured to your requirements and your home situation and available in almost any size. Matched to your own personal wishes and home ambience, they can easily be inserted into the required window opening during renovation work. Vertically opening sash windows need no extra work in order to insert them into existing walls. Whether electrically or manually operated: the great selection of materials available means all demands whether optical or technical can be implemented. Profiles of wood, aluminium or uPVC are on offer as well as composites of wood with uPVC and other types of combinable material. Durability of the windows is a significant feature as well as protection against damp and the efficient use of energy. Security fittings can be added and they are extremely easy to take care of.

Sliding wood window

Even today sliding sash windows are the perfect solution for large fronts and for the ideal use of available room. Clearing away the sill when opening for airing is no longer required and no window sash projects into the living space.

Fitted with strengthened frames they resist all static pressure but are stll child’s play to open.

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