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Wooden balcony doors - Classic IV 78 profile

The striking profile with clear contours

  • Classic design
  • 78 mm construction depth
  • Protection by rain rail and sash cover profile
5 years warranty

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Classic profile wooden balcony door

Overview of features

5-year warranty

Blue stain protection

High-quality surface thanks to hydroplaning

Grade 1a wood

German brand quality

Customer satisfaction

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The windows and the front door have a noticeable heat-insulating effect!

The delivery arrived punctually on the agreed date, everything was perfectly packaged. Exemplary!

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Profile description

  • Glazing: You can choose triple glazing depending on your requirements
  • Glass seal: The glass seal provides optimal protection against water penetration
  • Glass strip: Provides the necessary contact pressure between the seals and glass
  • Sash design: The sash has a classic offset design
  • Rain rail: The rain rail provides good protection for heavily used areas
  • Layer-glued wood: The layer-glued wood with continuous cover lamination ensures high stability and guarantees a long service life for your wood window
  • Sealing levels: The two sealing levels ensure good thermal and sound insulation

Profile declaration Classic IV 78


Classic – system description

System and construction

  • Layer-glued sawn timber, available in wood types: pine, spruce, Meranti, larch, eucalyptus or oak.


  • Smooth wood surface due to hydro-tensioned fine planing
  • Factory-applied finish to protect against UV rays and moisture
  • Finished with an electrostatic spraying process using environmentally friendly paints and varnishes
  • The lower frame moulds, which are particularly affected by the weather, are protected by a coated or anodised water drainage channel


  • Normal windows, thermal insulation, soundproof and security windows, sliding elements, balcony and patio doors


  • Corner hinges and shear bearing hinges with trunnions for a sash weight of up to 130 kg
  • all fittings in contemporary powder coating or anodised
  • Level switch lock as sash lifter and malfunction lock
  • Balcony door handle on the outside is pulled shut, matches the window surface
  • Balcony door catch, keeps the sash in the frame when pulled shut from the outside


  • Thermally separated balcony door threshold
  • Integrated door lock, lockable from inside and outside
  • Outwards opening

Wooden balcony door Classic IV 78

The Classic IV 78 profile with its traditional design is available in the wood types pine, meranti, larch and oak and has a 5-year guarantee.

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
Classic IV 78 wooden window
IV 78
Classic IV 78Revolving door from 63.50 cm from 176 cm
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available New White, Mahogany, Walnut
from 504

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