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Back door Hull

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  • Attractive Satinato ornamental glass inserts
  • Equipped with a three-point locking system
  • Can be customised according to preferences
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The key advantages

  • uPVC profile with a 70 mm frame depth
  • 6 internal chambers ensure very good thermal insulation
  • High-quality Siegenia three-point locking system for excellent break-in protection
  • Double glazing with a heat transfer coefficient as low as Ug=1.1 W/(m²K)
  • 3 adjustable 3D door hinges to ensure perfectly snug installation
  • High-quality aluminium threshold
  • Satinato ornamental glazing

Profile description

  1. Door frame: Thanks to its 70 mm frame depth and three hinges connecting the frame to the sash, this uPVC back door is particularly sturdy and durable.
  2. Door sash: High-quality seals surrounding the sash provide effective water resistance and ensure good thermal insulation.
  3. Steel reinforcement: The steel reinforcement located in the profile’s chambers means that the sash and frame are very stable and retain their shape, ensuring secure and correct closure.
  4. Glass insert: Decorative glass inserts adorn the door panel.
  5. Door panel: The door panel is 24 mm thick and primarily made from uPVC with foam insulation at its core.
  6. Threshold: 20 mm in height, the durable aluminium threshold protects the door from daily wear.

An attractive uPVC door for back or side entrances

Just because a door is installed as a back entrance or to provide access to a basement, garage or storage area, it does not mean that design has to be compromised on. The Hull back door has decorative symmetrical Satinato glass inserts, for example, which add character and draw the eye.

Their impact continues inside too – much daylight can stream in, brightening interiors and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

For those who want to personalise the Hull model’s design, our configurator provides a wide range of further options, from colours to handles.

Precise dimensions can also be added at this stage to ensure a made-to-measure door that can be snugly installed. The door’s three adjustable 3D hinges also play a role here, ensuring a millimetre-accurate fit as well as effective, durable operation.

uPVC is an ideal material for external doors due to the low maintenance and excellent weather resistance that result from its sleek, modern surface. Thanks to the expertly positioned profile’s steel reinforcement the durable door panel and frame are also particularly sturdy and won’t deform.

Because back doors, whether from gardens or garages, often lead directly into homes, thermal insulation is another important property to be taken into consideration. To ensure that interiors maintain a comfortable temperature and that homeowners save on energy costs, the Hull back door features a thick panel with insulation foam at its core. 6 chambers built into its profile also provide a further barrier, helping to prevent undesirable heat transfer via conduction.

Hull back door colour options

Step-by-step back door installation

Self-installation of uPVC and steel back doors is made simple with our user-friendly step-by-step instructions. The guides explain the full process, from removing an old back door to measuring for a new one and installing the final product. With equipments lists, tips, and clear steps to follow, the instructions can be used for renovation and new-build projects alike, allowing money to be saved on professionals while ensuring a snug, correct fit. For further information please contact our team who are on hand to help.

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