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How to Correctly Take Patio Door Measurements

If you are trying to replace or renovate old or new patio doors then you have to determine the correct measurements of the construction elements. Incorrect measurements can lead to complications with the installation of a patio door. This is the reason why measuring is the first step during the ordering process of new patio or balcony doors. This manual will guide you step-by-step to the correct dimensions. After the measurement, you can simply order the patio door with the determined dimensions in the product configurator.

1. Preparations

The measuring procedure of a patio door of an old building differs from that of a new. The biggest difference is the fact that there are already doors installed in old buildings.The measurement procedure is slightly more complicated, even if you have existing blueprints. When constructional changes have been performed over the years, the given data might not be up-to-date anymore.

In order to determine the necessary measurements of your patio door, you must re-measure the dimensions. When differences in the measurements occur, they can be put down in the blueprint. Please make sure to also note the current date. 

If you are thinking of installing roller shutters or pleated curtains later on, then the already measured dimensions are the most important values. You can use the same figures when purchasing respective accessories.

2. How to take Measurements of a Patio Door in old Buildings

The measuring process of a patio door or windows is performed from the same perspective – looking from the inside to the outside. The figures should always be made in millimetres.

  • It is very helpful to draw a brief sketch before you start to measure. Please write down the height and width taken into the sketch. Also draw in the position of the handle as well as the opening direction.
  • In order to determine the necessary width, you have to take the measurements in the upper and lower section of the frame. If the dimensions differ, please use the smaller value as a basis. Using the smaller value ensures that the new door will fit in the wall opening. As the frame will later be attached with a seal, you have to deduct 20 millimetres from the basis.
  • The height should be measured in the same way as the width. It is also recommendable to determine the distance from two positions – right and left hand side. Deduct 10 millimetres from the smaller value.

Example: Deduct 10 millimetres from the measured height of 2110 mm. The final value is 2100 mm. You determined two different figures for width (e.g. 2140 mm in the upper and 1230 mm in the lower section)? Deduct 20 millimetres from 1230 mm. The final width is 1210 millimetres.

You can watch a detailed video manual about the measurement process of a patio door. It will also suggest further tips.

3. How to take Measurements of a Patio Door in new Buildings

The measurement process in new buildings is slightly simpler, as windows or doors are normally not yet installed.

A door can be installed from the inside or outside. To determine the perfect installation location, you should check the measurements from both sides.

  • In new buildings, you simply determine the height of the patio door by taking the measurements of the height between the upper and lower edge in the wall opening. To completely avoid differences in the figures, it is recommendable to take two measurements as well (left and right hand side). Different to the dimensions in old buildings, you have to deduct 20 mm from the smaller value.
  • The width should also be measured at two points. Only in this way is it possible to completely eliminate deviations and to ensure an installation without complications. Please also deduct 20 millimetres from the determined value.

Example: The measurements of the wall opening are 1460 mm (height) and 1260 mm (width). Deduct 20 from each value and the final dimensions are 1440 (height) and 1240 millimetres

You can also watch the video instruction to get a further insight into the measurement process.

It is of significant importance to determine the correct dimensions before purchasing. Only in this way can complications during the installation procedure be avoided. If these step-by-step instructions are followed strictly, you will have learned all necessary basics of taking the measurements of a patio door. These basics can also be applied to measuring windows, as the procedure is almost identical.

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