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Glass Front Door Bolton

uPVC glass door with vertical divider

from 1,540from 1,540

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  • Modern design with symmetrical glass panels
  • Option of double or triple glazing for insulation
  • Minimal maintenance, maximum durability
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Modern glass door with a central divider

With uPVC selected in our configurator as the door material, centrally divided full glass designs like the Bolton door are shown as a potential models. Offering all the advantages of glass doors, the Bolton door’s unique design truly captivates as the vertical divider visually cuts the surface, attracting attention. This perfectly central alignment creates a contemporary symmetry, beautifully complementing buildings with modern architecture. If, however, you would prefer a more rustic look, various natural colour tones or wood decors can be applied to the Bolton door’s uPVC base. These can give the model an oak appearance, for example, but retain the beneficial properties of uPVC such its low maintenance.

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Bolton- your choice of glass

The Bolton glass door can be fully customised in our configurator. In addition to colours and decors, you can choose the glazing, for example. Since most of the Bolton model’s surface consists of glass, it's important to choose carefully here between double and triple glazing, especially given their impact on the door’s thermal insulation properties. Triple glazing, for instance, can noticeably save on heating costs whereas double glazing is sufficient for standard needs. The exact texture and opacity of the glazing is another choice that windows24.com customers have the freedom to make. The Bolton door’s large panels, for example, are available in clear glass as well as in different variants of ornamental glass.

Ornamental glazing works well for doors that lead directly into frequently used living areas, by increasing privacy. This is because the glazing’s texture distorts light, reducing people or objects behind the door to vague blurs for onlookers. A final choice in terms of glazing is then whether an additional pane of laminated safety glass should be used. Featuring an integrated, barely noticeable tear-resistant film, this extra pane makes the door’s panels highly impact resistant while providing protection against injury. In the event of breakage from high force, broken glass should be held in place, for example, with a lower risk of shattering outwards in sharp shards.

Where are glass front doors best located?

Glass doors, both with and without dividers, have been popular for years as they exude welcoming openness while creating entrances bathed in daylight. Models like the Bolton door easily compliment modern houses, yet customisable colour and decor options allow them to still blend in beautifully with more traditional architecture. With selectable security options, such as laminated safety glazing, which reduces the risk of break-ins, our glass doors can be used as your home’s main entrance without an issue. Only in areas with a very high burglary risk or when entrances are seriously obscured from street view, should stylish fully glazed panels be switched for an alternative or additional security features like CCTV be installed.

At windows24.com, there are few limits to customisation options; Glass front door models like Bolton, can be modified, for example, from the dimensions and glazing type to the hinge colour and door handle design. This means that our bespoke glass front doors can be installed in almost any house and match its decor and style perfectly. With the choice to select the door’s opening direction, even narrow entrances present no major obstacle for glass door installation, meaning a beautiful inflow of daylight can be guaranteed.

The Bolton glass front door model

The Bolton glass front door model, vertically divided by a central bar, is available in different colours and creates a light filled entrance.

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
aluplast HT4000 HTplusModel BoltonGlass Front Door from 76 cm from 188.50 cm
windows24.com available New White, Golden Oak, Walnut, Anthracite, Mahogany, Gray, Moore Oak, Brown from € 1,540

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