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Glass Front Door Wolverhampton

Horizontally divided uPVC glass front door

from 1,380from 1,380

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  • Central divider makes for a stylish design
  • Freedom to choose between clear and ornamental glazing
  • Made from robust, durable uPVC
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Estimated production time 5-8 weeks1

Make an impression with the Wolverhampton door

Glass doors are not just beautiful to look at, they also score highly on practicality. Allowing daylight to stream in and illuminate your home, these high-quality doors can save electricity costs from lighting and remove the need for a peephole as you can easily see who is asking to be let in. Beyond its minimalist base design, the Wolverhampton uPVC door can be further customised to increase privacy and fully meet your personal design preferences.

Laminated safety glass, for example, or a high-tech, automatic locking system can be chosen to strengthen your door’s break-in protection. The door’s appearance can also be highly personalised; the Wolverhampton door’s sleek, elegant base design, for instance, lends itself to modifications such as colour and glazing type which can be easily selected in our configurator.

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Hand-select your quality glazing

Not all glass is the same and so carefully considering the type of glazing is important, especially for full-glass doors like the Wolverhampton model. Read on to find out more about the following glazings available in our configurator and how they meet the most important factors of providing reliable protection while maintaining an eye-catching entrance:

  • Clear glass
  • Ornamental glass
  • Laminated safety glass or triple glazing pane add-ons

Due to its horizontal bar, the Wolverhampton door features two all-glass panels. Given its standard double glazing, these panels each contain two glass panes. This double glazing has good thermal properties, giving it a good low insulation U-value of 1.1. To save further on energy costs, however, and improve indoor heat distribution, an extra glass pane can be added to each of the Wolverhampton door’s panels to produce triple glazing with its even better thermal U-value of 0.7. In a similar way, if security is more of a priority for you, then a pane of laminated safety glass, with its high impact and anti-shattering resistance, can also be added to reinforce your door.

Alongside determining insulation and security glass pane add-ons, the appearance and texture of your glass can also be personally selected. Clear glass, for example, ensures an unobstructed view, visually enlarging your entrance by allowing maximum daylight to enter. If you want to combine daylight with a more textured look, however, plus increase privacy protection, then ornamental glass could be the way to go; This glazing, available in the following three variants, not only prevents onlookers peering in, but also beautifully embellishes the design of your new door:

  • Chinchilla
  • Satinato
  • Master-Carré

Glass doors: benefit from the light

Where can you best benefit from having a glass door installed? As one of their greatest advantages, all-glass front doors like the Wolverhampton model are ideal if you envision a light-filled living space. The constant entry of daylight saves on electricity and creates a nuanced yet bright atmosphere, hard to achieve from artificial light alone.

Thanks to these properties, glass doors are ideally placed to open into and transform darker entrance halls that receive little natural light. Similarly, all-glass models like Wolverhampton work well when installed as side doors to brighten dim living rooms or as basement and garage entrances. The horizontal divider really comes into play here by providing these more vulnerable entry locations with a protective design, reducing the risk of a break-in while still allowing you to reap the rewards of a light-flooded space.

Further security fittings can then also be added to the all-glass Wolverhampton front door for increased peace of mind. A high-tech automatic locking mechanism, for example, has the door close and lock itself upon being opened while an additional side hinge security bolt makes it much harder for doors to be prised open. With all these features and potential add-ons to choose from, the windows24.com Wolverhampton door becomes a truly bespoke, versatile option.

The Wolverhampton glass front door model

The Wolverhampton glass front door model, divided horizontally by a centrally placed bar, is available in different colours and creates a light filled entrance.

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
aluplast HT4000 HTplusModel WolverhamptonGlass Front Door from 76 cm from 188.50 cm
windows24.com available New White, Golden Oak, Nussbaum, Anthrazit, Mahagoni, Grey, Mooreiche, Brown from € 1,380

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