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Tilt-and-Slide Doors

The passageway from the house to the balcony or the garden is more than just a simple passage. The different types of sliding door can lead to large-format glass surfaces, offering a wide panoramic view. Tilt-and-slide doors even allow for barrier-free constructions.

Casements move along guide rails when they are opened and closed. A guiding pin keeps the casement in the groove. Despite their high weight, such doorways can easily be opened and guided and the parallel running mechanism saves a lot of space as well.

aluplast system

Fig.: aluplast uPVC system with tilting functionality

windows24.com offers these doors in various designs.
The costumer can choose between the materials wood, uPVC and composite; as well as whether the door should have two or three individual casements.

By choosing the opening type, you can also determine the opening direction.

Depending on the model, the casement is flanked by fixed components on one or both sides and a mullion.

If these various types are not enough, we also offer a parallel tilt and slide type - a further development of the standard sliding doorway.

These can be tilted in addition to their horizontal running function.

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