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Casement windows – the all-time classic

When taking a stroll through the historic centre or when wandering through an idyllic village – casement windows are the evergreens among windows. They present a turning point in the history of window-making, as it was the discovery of the sash that made opening a window a possibility. To turn or tilt – casement windows are optimally suited for controlled airing of a room. Whether chosen for a new build or to improve the heat and sound insulation of an older building: Windows24.com offers a great choice of traditional double leaf and modern single casement windows and sets great value on providing the best quality made in Germany.

An invention with vision

It was a milestone in home technology. The development of the casement window brought luxury and modernity into every home.
Since the pane of glass no longer needed to be stuck into place directly into the window frame itself, but formed a moveable sash together with its profile, the window has become one of the most important building elements providing an atmosphere of well being. They ensure good amounts of light fall into the room making it bright in natural daylight. Additionally the two moving sash components enable optimum room airing generating a pleasant climate within the room and decreasing the effective humidity and with it fighting the buildup of mould. Modern casement windows generally consist of only a single frame. This still allows all the usual methods of opening such as tilting, turning and sliding. A particular variation is the so-called French casement window.

Double-winged window with glazing bars

This consists of two sash elements, connected in the middle, but without the rigid mullion which is used to fix the windows. This offers unhindered views of the world outside when both windows are opened wide. Whether your choice falls on tilt, turn or slide – high quality casement windows from Windows24.com can be matched to all your individual wishes and your imagination. Flexible in terms of size, material and functioning they maintain the visual effect of classic window constructio.

Functional and stable

Casement windows are not only a visual highlight, but through their form and construction they also fulfill important tasks. The sash of the window conducts any air pressure (i.e. wind) by way of the fittings to the window frame which is fixed securely into the wall or masonry. Both glazing and window frame must therefore be highly stable. Windows of uPVC or aluminium are ideal for this type of window as both materials are especially stable, easy-to-clean and weather-proof. Plastic-based windows are usually manufactured of PVC (Polyvinylchloride). This with the addition of rock flour and fibreglass materials produces a rigid, long-lasting window. Whether plastic, aluminium or timber, professional fitting of a casement window plus the most suitable choice of glazing help to increase both heat insulation and sound-proofing. In the lively streets of the old town quarter special noise insulating glazing can assist to transform the interior of the home into a quiet and relaxing environment.

Casement windows

For superior energy efficiency of the classic casement window thermal insulated glass is on offer.

Heat loss is prevented using a special coating applied to the glass or, alternatively, by choosing multi-layer glazing. These use gases such as argon or krypton filled between the panes to block the flow of heat.

Best quality from Germany

Fresh air, freedom, fashionable windows

More light and at the same time sufficient airing have only really been possible since the invention of this construction of window sash. Opening dispels apparent limits to one’s inner space, opening it to the wider world outside and bestowing a sense of freedom. Fashionable casement windows from Windows24.com fulfill not only individual desires in terms of material and colour, but also unite modern standards with the pleasing aesthetics of classic window styles.

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