Aluminium Front Doors – Model Perth

Front door Perth

  • High quality, modern appearance
  • Large glass panel
  • Available with stainless steel trim options
Heroal made in germany

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Design and that personal touch

Once construction of the house is finally completed or the renovation work done and dusted, then one can turn one’s thoughts to the interior furnishings and to overall design. Some of the first questions that arise: which design of front door should we choose? Of which material should the windows be? Is plastic and uPVC really the non plus ultra or is perhaps timber of better quality? Aluminium front doors should, as a matter of course, be considered when contemplating finishing touches. Especially the model Perth stands out due to its high-quality appearance and excellent quality.


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The showpiece of any home

For those who wish to improve the appearance of the entrance with an optically good-looking door while simultaneously requiring that feeling of security, here is the answer: modern aluminium front doors. The Perth series presents a system which is tried and tested in terms of being of a light aluminium material and providing perfect handling but, at the same time, stands out optically. Front doors produced of aluminium – and especially the Perth model – can be adapted to one’s individual requirements without causing any great problem.

The same is true for all aluminium doors at Aluminium as a material to work with also offers the advantage that any door is extremely robust and, as a result of its metallic appearance has not only a classically elegant look but also a modern touch.

Front doors of aluminium, like the Perth range, will delight and leave nothing to be desired.

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Aluminium Entrance Doors– Model Perth

Entrance door Model Perth comes with a high quality, modern appearance and external application in steel glass.

Image Profile Model Door Type Width Height
Entrance Doors– Model Perth
Model Perth Aluminium Entrance door from 80 cm from 200.5 cm
Logo Brand Availability Condition Colour Price
in stock New RAL colours, DB 703
fine structure
from 2119.00
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