Aluminium front door design

Whether you choose to decorate your door with a recessed panel filling or with flush-fitting panelling depends entirely on your own personal taste and the actual style that you want to bring to your home. Both versions have their advantages and individual style.

Recessed door filling

Insert front door filling (not leaf conceiling)

Recessed front door panel filling, also known as non-overlapping filling, is popular for all types of classic door filling models.

Front door aluminium profile detail, arched

Recessed door panelling is such that the whole door is set back some distace from the door sash which surrounds it. The two different levels which are created means that these models have a more casual appearance.

Mostly, these particular door models are used in combination with the new and modern rounded-contour profiles "Modern“. This combination together with the rounded edges of the profile creates a pleasant and harmonious overall impression.

Flush-finish door filling

Surface-mounted front door filling (leaf conceiling)

Flush-finishing door filling, or overlapping filling, are mostly used together with modern door types.

Front door aluminium profile detail, angular

The larger even surface obtained in this style means that the door appears to be even larger. The door frames can either be fitted with the externall flush profile "Classic“ or with the rounded-contour profile "Modern“.

Flush-finish door fillings can be used as required; only on one side, or on both sides. The double-sided flush finish achieves the best thermal insulation and stands out indoors too due to its even and flat shaping.


Aluminium front doors are supplied with a basic model of 2-part, maintenance-free, surface mounted hinges.

If required, 3-part barrel hinges can be selected extra. These have a narrow, elegant design which optimally match our aluminium front doors.

Th 3-part barrel hinges offer a certain plus when it comes to security, as these are more difficult to lever out of position.

Surface-mounted door hinge and door barrel hinge compared

Left: surface mounted hinge in white. Right: barrel hinge in silver

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