Wood-aluminium windows

Wood with aluminum windows is the most exclusive range on the market today. This style of window leaves a lasting impression from both sides. From the outside the modern, timeless aluminum and on the inside the warm, living wood. The combination of these two materials is a technological work of art. This window perfection is unmistakable in its unique design and offers an overwhelming internal look.

Wood – pleasant and cosy indoors

The unbelievable interplay of colours of wood-aluminium windows can be created in various different ways and means. The colours can complement each other in a harmonious way or set in contrast to each other. There is also a wide range of choice when it comes to the subtle colour tones of wood. On the one hand warm, semi-matt hues and opaque, powerful colours on the other. Here, too, there are almost no restrictions to one's creative possibilities.

The various noble wood types such as pine, meranti, larch and oak provide for an even more beautiful home ambience. Paint is reapplied to the wood surface in order to provide a long-lasting product. Consequently the wood-aluminium window conveys a homely and lively atmosphere indoors.

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Aluminium - weatherproof outdoors

Aluminium, as opposed to wood, is robust, resistant and bold. Thus optically it can convey a rather cool appearance, but in a unique combination with the raw material wood it provides a picture of almost perfect harmony.

Aluminium, due to its weather resistance, durability and easy maintenance, is best suited for outdoor applications. The wood-aluminium windows receive these properties through the unique application of a powder coated aluminium covering that protects the window from the effects of wind and rain.

Additionally, various seals provide optimum leakproofing and prevent any draught. A pleasing appearance is conveyed due to the narrow facing width of the elements.


Due to the differing and contrasting properties of the two materials wood and metal, wood and aluminium complement each other perfectly to produce a luxurious window form, which convinces with its long life, its modern design and best insulating values.

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