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Anthracite window

Availabe in uPVC, uPVC-alu, wood, wood-alu, and aluminium

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  • Simple assembly
  • Low-maintenance
  • Configurable with top and frount-mounted shutters
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A window in a shade of anthracite gray presents the house as having a quiet and more neutral atmosphere, which suits both a place to work and a place in which to relax. The profile of such a window can consist of wood, vinyl or aluminum which has had a coating with an anthracite-colored decor coating, often referred to as RAL 7016, during its manufacture. 

This particular model is frequently found as a colourful match to white or grey house walls, so that the colours combine and are visually appealing. For this reason they are often found in more modern new builds for residential or for office purposes, where the colour grey conveys both peace and order. 

Many advantages

Seen in practical terms, anthracite grey has other useful advantages. This dark grey stands out and can be well seen, e.g. against a white wall as background, whereby it neither distracts one’s attention nor is it seen as being annoying. The window in anthracite provides for tranquil working conditions as well as for relaxing living, thus offering something for a wide range of building uses. Therefore the trend towards grey windows embodies the blueprint for success in offices, companies and residential properties seen in the last few years. Besides the feeling of tranquility radiated by these windows, there are other good reasons for windows in anthracite:

  • It can easily and quickly be extended as required without causing any deterioration in the overall look of the window frames.
  • The manufacture of window frames in RAL 7016 is typically carried out – for models of PVC – using a decor foil which is applied to the window frame. This means that the window requires no further or supplementary protection against wind and weather and will retain its anthracite colour over a considerably long period. This results in much lower follow-up costs with regard to cleaning and replacement.
  • The uniform surface also allows the perfect combination of wood, PVC and aluminium, so that the product presides over excellent values in terms of its burglar-proofing, thermal insulation and soundproofing, while the window frame and the external profile appear unblemished.
  • In contrast to white or to light colours such as yellow and red, any dirty marks or stains are virtually invisible on an anthracite coloured window, as dust and dirt does not stand out so clearly against a grey background. Thus, although dust and dirt are unavoidable in today’s world, the windows convey an overall picture of order and cleanliness.

It does not matter whether the window is next to the front door or as part of a window facade of an office complex; whether timber, aluminium or uPVC – one is always on the right path when choosing a window in anthracite grey as it is both versatile and universally applicable. Windows24.com has a great selection of doors in its assortment, not only windows. These can be easily planned and put together using our product configurator and then ordered. Simply choose the desired basic material – as for windows choose from timber, uPVC or aluminium – and the particular model from the selection shown, enter sizes and then choose the necessary features. In this step it is possible – e.g. at front doors – to choose such features as locking systems for your windows, or accessories such as fly screens.

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