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aluplast energeto® 8000ED

Passive house quality premium vinyl window system

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  • 6 Chamber system with central sealing and 85 mm depth
  • Recessed design, innovative adhesive technology
  • Excellent heat insulation: Uw-values up to 0.74 W/m²K
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energeto 8000ed

Advantages at a Glance

Fully sealed and bonded triple-glazing

PHDS technology (precision high-pressure insulating foam)

Frames with latest Ultradur® High Speed strengthening from BASF

Surface quality

Unique multi-chamber design

Customer satisfaction

Over 200,000 satisfied customers and counting

Cambridge, UK
Commercial building
Selwyn College Bartlam LibraryCambridge, UK
Composite windows

Wood-aluminium windows suitable for a public building, aligned with UK security and safety standards.

Madison Avenue New York, USA
Commercial building
295 Madison AvenueNew York, USA
Aluminium windows

Energy star windows with tilt-and-turn opening for the renovation of a historical building.

Childcare Australia
Commercial building
Torrens Childcare CenterAustralia
Passive house composite windows

Wood-aluminium windows and doors with elevated handles and meeting passive house standards for the renovation of a childcare centre.

Profile Description

  • Glazing: Sealed and bonded triple glazing.
  • Glass seal: The glass seal provides protection against water penetration.
  • Glass strip: Provides the required contact pressure between the gaskets and glass.
  • Sash design: The casement is made in classic recessed design.
  • Glass bonding: High level of stability using fully bonded glass.
  • Sealing levels: Three sealing levels provide optimum heat and noise insulation.
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement: BASF carbon fiber reinforcement instead of steel increases thermal insulation.
  • Profile chambers: To achieve higher thermal insulation values, the profile is divided into several chambers.
  • Insulating foam: Insulating foam fills out the larger profile chambers to make this profile’s thermal insulation as advanced as possible.

ENERGETO 8000ED - Description

  • 6 chamber system
  • 85 mm installation depth
  • Innovative adhesive technology
  • Frame and sash complete without using steel
  • 3-point seals for weather protection
  • Thermal insulation coefficient Uw up to 0.74 W/m2K (reference size 1230mm x 1480mm with 0.6 glass and warm edge spacer)
  • Triple glazing up to 48mm thickness
  • Sound insulation RwP = 33 - 45db
  • Quality German fittings with multi-point locking for burglary protection
  • Single-hand operated tilt and turn fittings with failsafe device to prevent incorrect use
  • White or decorative finish
  • Traditional recessed casement design
  • Ultradur® inserts provide frame strength while eliminating thermal bridges
  • High pressure foam insulated chambers increase efficiency. 
  • Weatherproof vinyl thanks to modern additive technology
  • Weather-resistant using extruded seals according to DIN18055
  • Up to 98.2% of the material is recyclable 


  • Concealed drainage elements
  • Foam insulation to additional chambers
  • Concealed hinges
  • High-Control with contacts to integrate windows with home security
  • Enhanced security up to Resistance Class 2 (RC2)

Energeto 8000ED - Advantages in Detail

Sash and frame with modern adhesion technology

When fixing the glass panes the sash and the glass are glued together using a single component polyurethane adhesive. This extremely strong connection makes the overall window construction more rigid, so that the sash no longer requires steel reinforcement.

This technology has been used successfully in the automotive industry for many years and has been used in the manufacture of windows since 2005. Customers benefit from extremely good stability and increases in thermal insulation, soundproofing and burglar protection.

Heat insulating thermal foam in 3 chambers

Using a new, precision, high-pressure insulating foam technique, three profile chambers in the ready-welded window are filled with thermal foam. This leads to a significant increase in the window’s ability to insulate and the associated values. With this innovative technology, this system is perfect for houses or other buildings with composite insulation systems and especially for passive houses. Thermal foam is able to achieve the highest demands for thermal efficiency.

Frames with latest Ultradur® High Speed strengthening from BASF

Using this technology, the steel reinforcements in the sash and frame are replaced by a high-tech reinforcement called Ultradur® High Speed which can also be welded into the corners. The combination of the two materials creates continuous stability throughout the entire frame providing greater strength and more rigid corners than conventional steel reinforced windows. This cutting-edge technology has been used in windows for less than a decade and provides excellent stability in your new windows and doors.

Surface quality

For vinyl windows, a wide variety of decorative foils is available. These are applied directly to the vinyl surface during manufacture, guaranteeing long term color durability. Windows with decor foil applied in this way are impervious to scratching as well as resistant to the fading over time from sunlight exposure. You have a choice of classic patterns such as wood, as well as a variety of modern finishes and other popular window colors.

Unique Design

The energeto® stands out as a result of its classic profile type, but also due to the fine sections which optimize the available glass area. This ensures maximum sunlight in your home. This is even more important when renovating and buying replacement windows as you must work within the existing dimensions of your home’s windows. The total surface area of the glass, and thus the area allowing light through, creates as much natural light as possible for you.

Certified brand name quality from well-known manufacturers

The profiles for our vinyl windows are supplied by Aluplast, a well-known and respected manufacturer of window profiles located here in southern Germany. All vinyl profile systems carry the RAL seal of approval. For customers, that means the very best quality and regular external auditing and reviews of production. When purchasing windows and doors always look for the RAL seal of approval to be assured of high quality.

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Product information

uPVC Window energeto® 8000ED

The uPVC aluplast energeto® 8000ED windows have a passive house quality premium uPVC window system. They are RAL seal-approved and CE certified.

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aluplastenergeto 8000EDuPVC window from 50 cm from 50 cm
windows24.com available New White, decor from € 64
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