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Living room windows – try warm and cosy

Watching a film snugly in the arms of a partner or spending a pleasant evening playing games with the whole family – the living is the cosy central point of every home. High quality windows are able to turn every living room into a pleasurable oasis. The combination of the best materials and the possibility of individual styling in shape and colour according to the newest standards concerning energy efficiency as well as security and soundproofing makes living room windows from Windows24.com veritable highlights.

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Energy efficiency and soundproofing

Snugly warm throughout the winter and yet save on heating costs? The right glazing makes it possible. The typical house loses 25 to 30% of its warmth via the windows, as the glazing is usually not insulated as well as the walls are. Living room windows from Windows24.com stand out due to the best thermal insulating features and their glazing and profiles impress. The stipulated standard values laid down by the EU regarding energy efficiency require a thermal transmission coefficient of 1.3 W/(m2K) or better for windows. Insulating properties are expressed in so-called U-values, which is a combination of the insulation of the glass as Ug (g=glazing) and of the frame Uf (f=frame). The rule of thumb: the lower the U-value, the better the thermal insulation. The Energy Saving Directive (EnEV) lays down a maximum permitted value of 1.3 W/(m2K) and nowadays, using various methods, it is possible to lower even this figure by up to 50%. Living room windows which have a very thin layer of a precious metal on one side achieve very good results in energy efficiency. They allow the short wave radiation into the room, long wave heat radiation is prevented from escaping. Multiple-glazed insulating glass (MIG) utilises the latest technology to achieve Ug-values as low as 0.4 W/(m2K). Gases such as argon or krypton, filling the spaces between double or triple glazing panes is another important factor affecting the level of energy efficiency.

Living room window with glazing bars

Besides thermal protection, noise protection should not be overlooked when it comes to living room windows. A relaxing living room atmosphere is provided by installing special acoustic windows; these are separated into six classes according to their soundproofing qualities.

Good insulation of the window results in a good classification as an acoustic window and thus a peaceful and noise-free living area.

In order to achieve adequate noise protection, living room windows should be installed by a specialist wherever possible who will ensure that no joints occur that could have a negative effect on noise protection or might build a thermal bridge. The large selection available at Windows24.com mean sustainability and noise protection can be combined to produce a feeling of well-being that can hardly be equalled.

Great choice of colours and shapes

Living room windows, which simultaneously protect from noise and from heat loss, add value to every house and improve the quality of life within the living space of the residence. Plus – apart from the acoustic aspect and energy efficiency the optical component is of course in focus. Living room windows from Windows24.com can be individually styled. Size and colour are not limited when using high quality uPVC or aluminium windows. The materials used are especially easy to maintain, stable and weather resistant. Plastic uPVC windows are frequently produced of thermoplastic PVC (Polyvinylchloride). Besides the endless variety of forms there is an unlimited variety of colours for these windows. Living room windows can therefore be individually designed and produced. When manufactured of wood, they are a popular alternative to either uPVC or aluminium windows as a result of their good thermal insulating properties.

Luminous living room with large windows

TIP: In comparison with other materials, wood is less weather proof and should, therefore, be re-coated or re-varnished every two years. However, thanks to its natural structure and warm look living room windows of wood generate their own special room atmosphere.

The best moments in life

Windows are a way of opening the room outwards, expanding one’s horizon, letting natural daylight in and providing the home with fresh air. Furthermore, high quality living room windows can not only be individually designed; thanks to the fact that 100% of their material can be recycled they have a good ecological footprint. The right glazing contributes to good efficient use of energy and can help to lower electricity bills. Living room windows from Windows24.com look good not just optically, but their high quality, made in Germany, cannot fail to impress.

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