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Attic windows – safe, chic and efficient

Whether it is used to create a chic attic apartment or a practical storage loft – the attic or loft is a special feature of any house. Here light seems more intensive and the view is extensive. Here one appears to be much closer to the summer sun, or submerged below a thick covering of snow. The choice of the best suitable attic window should be carefully considered as this window has a number of tasks to perform: to efficiently provide for the right atmosphere, provide protection from the changeable weather conditions and ensure ease of cleaning. Windows24.com offers a large selection with many attractive versions at reasonable prices.

Types of attic window

Pointed roofs

Basically there are two types of attic window: skylight and dormer. The former are fitted directly into the slope of the roof. The room is thus particularly bright, but also directly exposed to sunlight.

If the room is to be used to live in then roller or Venetian blinds are indispensible. Both of these can be fitted with electrically operated motor and remote control.

If a pivot type of skylight is fitted then the attic window can be opened towards the sky – and tilt-pivot windows can be tilted and locked at an angle of up to 180 degrees. This makes both airing much easier and also the cleaning of the attic window. Somewhat more unusual are the dormer attic windows. Installed in a niche within the attic room the dormer projects outwards beyond the roof itself, forming a box-shaped area that is vertical to the street below. In addition there are versions suitable for particular room arrangements: a skylight dome is recommended for rooms situated under flat or nearly flat (up to 15 degrees) roofs. On the other hand, for rooms with little height available, the so-called knee wall window is recommended at floor level. An exit window gives chimney sweep, roof tiler and residents access to the roof. This attic window can act as an emergency escape exit if there should be an accident.

Classic or modern

Attic windows of different materials

Attic windows are available in aluminium, uPVC and in timber. Their common feature: all score points for their high quality, reliably protect against wind and weather, require little maintenance and are especially long-lasting to boot. Plastic or uPVC windows can be recommended as a resistant all rounder. They can be produced in a wide variety of different versions and can stand up to the heaviest of hail storms.

Aluminium is impressive primarily for the weight of the window frame. Especially for larger window constructions that appear to bring the complete sky into the living room, is this material particularly apt A classic but chic accent is set by attic windows of timber – while at the same time providing a cosy home feeling.

Efficient and safe

Glazing and insulation of attic windows

Where skylights and dormer attic windows in older buildings are often draughty or even leaky, newer constructions are fitted completely sealed and well insulated. In order to create the right climate conditions automatic and permanent ventilation at the window is helpful. This allows fresh air into the room even when the window is closed and creates a pleasant room climate. Where an electric motor is fitted, a chain drive opens and closes the window per remote control; and by fitting a rain sensor this goes into operation as soon as the first drops of rain are detected. The glazing also serves the cause of efficiency. A range of pane thicknesses with noble gas filling, external panes with self cleaning features as well as designs incorporating two, three or even four panes are all available, in order to satisfy individual requirements regarding the room climate, noise reduction and anti-burglar protection.

Attic window

A further decisive detail is the matching mounting frame. This guarantees airtight fit between attic window and roof. It keeps water and wind out and ensures the energy footprint under control.

Depending on the choice of colour selected from the many RAL paints the attic window will either blend in harmoniously with the colour of the frame or can set a colourful accent as eyecatcher.

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