Sliding Patio Doors – for Garden Views and Reliable Protection

The sliding patio door offers unhindered views of the well-kept garden and a short-cut onto one’s own patio. Although a barrier between the interior space and the outdoor area it is a well-frequented door and has a number of tasks to perform. Simple operation, soundproofing, thermal insulation and protection against possible burglary are perhaps the most important functions of the patio door today. A sliding patio door should therefore be chosen carefully. waits with a wide selection of these high-quality doors for both your patio and your balcony, including sliding doors, lift and slide and folding doors.

Why a Sliding Door for the Patio?

Sliding doors for the patio or for the balcony are a popular solution for many people today as they open but take up no extra space and do not slam or close at every puff of wind. In contrast to the front door, a patio door may stay open all day during a mild summer. And the lift-and-slide door offers much more comfort than the classic door with sash opening.

It goes without saying that the patio door must satisfy high demands when it comes to security; perhaps even more so than the main front door.

Why? Unwanted guests prefer a rear or side door through which to break into a house. However, thanks to modern locking systems and a robust construction the sliding patio door will literally lock potential thieves out. The door remains firm and potential burglars are forced to retire.

The energy efficient construction means that cold has a hard time trying to gain access to the house too. The sliding patio doors from are fitted with modern innovative seals and offer reliable thermal insulation

Special door profiles manufactured with several air chambers plus multiple glazing with insulated glass also provide the maximum in thermal insulation.

Vinyl sliding door

Modern lift-and-slide patio and balcony doors are very suited to saving on energy costs. Finally, sliding doors impress due to their especially elegant look and, thanks to their freely designable form, can become a colourful element in any house facade.

Patio Sliding Doors Offer:

  • Comfortable and convenient handling
  • Anti-burglar protection
  • optimum thermal properties and reliable insulation
  • elegant design

Which Door Best Suits Garden and House?

Sliding patio doors from will surprise you with the wide range of features with which they are available. The first step is to decide which material should be manufactured; uPVC, aluminium or perhaps wood – or how about a composite combination of both these last.

Each material has its specific advantage: uPVC is the most economical, alumium is robust and long-lasting and wood cries out cosiness. An aluminium with wood combination brings the advantages of both materials together and satisfies the most rigid demands.

No matter which category is chosen, only offers high quality “Made in Germany“.

After choosing the material for your door comes the decision concerning, the design of the sliding door. Very often the full-glass variation is chosen but that does not mean that the door has to remain boring.

There are countless RAL-colours, turning even a plainly designed sliding door into an effective accent in the facade of the home. Why not choose a patio sliding door in fire engine red or a sunny yellow?

Sliding door types

The wooden door of mahogany has a rustic look and the uPVC door in grey conservative and modest. Doors and windows, designed either in the same colour or in matching colour tones, add value to every house facade.

Individual Style for Your Patio Sliding Door:

  1. Choose size
  2. Decide between aluminium, wood, uPVC or a combination of wood with aluminium
  3. Select design and colour

What else needs to be considered?

The patio sliding door must fit exactly both in height and in width; therefore, all measurements should be taken very carefully. Then the profiles must be chosen from the wide selection, and which vary in their particular thermal transmission coefficient (U-value) together with the choice of glass. Although it must be said that clear glass is most often selected for patio doors, there is nothing to stop one choosing ornament glass or textured glass.

Comfortable and convenient handling of the sliding door or the lift-and-slide door is also a result of the right choice of handle. therefore offers a wide selection on ergonomically designed handles and door levers.

Simple levers are available to open / close the sliding door by turning up or down as required as well as the classic handle variation.

TIP: As the patio door is often left open for long periods, an insect screen is a good investment. Flies, mosquitoes and wasps remain outside thanks to the fine mesh. To provide shade, roller shutters or blinds can also be used in winter to provide further heat insulation.

Just Right for the Balcony

The sliding door is the perfect solution for any balcony, allowing instant access but saving much needed room. A balcony door can, just like a sliding patio door, be made of traditional wood, strong aluminium or cheaper but robust uPVC.

Balcony doors of all types are also available as composite doors. The design is similar to that of the patio door and the colour options just as plentiful.

For both patio or balcony DIN-right or DIN-left doors can be ordered, with the sash opening either outwards or inwards.

An interesting idea and rather special door system is the folding door option. Folding doors are especially space-saving, as they require no extra room for opening the sash element.

Patio sliding door has a wide range of sliding patio doors ready and all of the highest quality, and where design, glazing and frame-material can be freely chosen and co-ordinated. Here you will also find the matching door to the garden, patio or balcony.

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