Composite Patio Doors

The quality aluminum clad system

  • Premium product
  • Optional thermally-separated threshold sill
  • Available in pine, larch and oak
10 years warranty

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Composite patio doors combine all the positive characteristics and properties of both materials wood and aluminium in only one product: on the interior side, you benefit from the warmth, comfort and climatic regulation given by the wood material while the outside is protected against all weather conditions by a facing aluminium shell. Composite patio door systems stand for an investment in today’s highest quality in fenestration and window construction. Despite higher acquisition costs, you will be rewarded by receiving an extremely durable product and longevity lasting up to 60 years.

All the positive properties of wood and aluminium in one product

Composite Patio Doors

Wooden-aluminium patio doors unite wood, which possesses a certain charisma that no other material can really match, with the endurance and sturdiness of the modern material of aluminium.

As with patio doors only of wood, we only produce these doors using the best woods, which are then treated using the most up to date and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

For the external shell of aluminium on the patio door outside we have a huge range of colours available. Special paint colours, such as Antico anthracite supplement the wide spectrum of RAL paints.

Mounting example of a composite patio door

Composite Patio Door Colour Selection

Wooden-aluminium patio doors offer the widest variety when it comes to design and colour. With a combination of type of wood chosen and the varnishes and finishes available, and the choice of colour for the aluminium externally this means that there are almost limitless combination possibilities. In this way your patio door can become a real design element.

Wood and colour selection

System description for Composite patio doors

Composite Patio Doors IDEALU - System Description


  • Use of brand name insulation glass, can be combined with sun protection systems, soundproofing (to class 4) as well as safety glass and ornamental glass
  • UV-resistant sealing
  • General wet glazing


  • Upper surface treatment provides construction elements are long lasting
  • Colourless surfaces are also possible with wooden-aluminium patio doors


  • Normal windows, thermal insulation, soundproofed and safety window, sliding elements, balcony and patio door


  • Thermal insulation according to DIN 4108 and EnEV
  • Soundproofing according to VDI 2719 SSK, SSK II to V
  • Anti-burglary protection according to DIN V ENV 1627-1630 to resistance class 2
  • Wooden-aluminium patio doors carrying a 10-year guarantee RSG are only coated with products which satisfy all EU requirements.
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Fitting patio doors


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Patio doors and insect protection

Insect Protection

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