uPVC Front Doors – versatile and modern

Every building needs a front door to go in and out and to let fresh air pass. Especially with uPVC front doors, you will not only benefit from a modern, good-looking classical product for your home, but also enjoy high security, best thermal insulation and noise reduction. In addition, as they are designed as utterly resistant joinery, uPVC front doors are very easy to maintain. There is absolutely no problem choosing an elegant or joyful colour to decorate it even more.

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PVC front doors – the top product features

High level of stability due to integrated steel reinforcement

Almost completely maintenance free

Available in selection of designs

Good insulation properties

Sensationally low price

grey uPVC front door

uPVC profile for front doors


You will find general information on all of our front door profiles here.

Glazing for front doors


Ornamental glazing options are not available for our vinyl front doors, but they all come with laminated safety glass.



Our wide selection of decor finishes and paints allow a great deal of freedom when it comes to designing the exact front door you want.

Exterior handles

Exterior handles

We offer an assortment of handles for the exterior in a variety of different sizes and models.

Indoor handles for front doors

Interior handles

Choose from a selection of different interior handles for your front door.

Locking device

Locking Systems

Choose between standard locks or our safety and electric locking systems.



The security of your front door can be considerably improved using a range of different security features.

Detail drawings of  uPVC front doors

Detailed drawings

Cross-section images of our vinyl front door profiles can be found here.

Durability and low maintenance of front doors

uPVC as a working material for producing doors has a number of advantages and disadvantages which are quite different to those of other front door materials such as wood, steel and aluminium.

In direct comparison it soon becomes clear that uPVC front doors require considerably less maintenance than one of timber. Even over a period of years they suffer only little from the effects of moist and wet conditions, so that they are both long lasting and require no extra protective coating.

At the same time when the door is equipped with a high quality filling material provides the perfect requirements for very good thermal insulation. As uPVC expands on heating, a steel core is recommended as this gives the door a more stable form and prevents distortion caused by warmth. With a uPVC front door from windows24.com you will have a door that will provide a sagfe and attractive gateway over decades to come.

The low price front door

A further point which differentiates the uPVC front door from its cousins of wood or aluminium is the considerably lower costs in manufacture and installation which are generally possible. PVC is easy to work and is a material that can be manufactured relatively cheaplyr.

This allows us to offer uPVC front doors well below the prices of solid timber, of steel or of aluminium doors. Additionally, as a rule this material is lighter, so that transport is cheaper and easier and fitting can be carried out quickly and the door is soon opening and closing.

For these reasons uPVC front doors lend themselves especially for the houses or for apartments where there is already a common main door. But just as suitable are garden houses (e.g. allotments), sheds or toolsheds and, of course, uPVC is a quality, low-price alternative door material for normal households.

Entrance door decorated with 3 glazing parts

uPVC front doors are versatile and can, at minimal cost, be upgraded and improved so that even a humble uPVC door can achieve good values when it comes to soundproofing, thermal isulation and security against brea-ins.

uPVC front doors require less maintenance than doors of wood

Improved security

A frequent criticism of uPVC front doors is that they offer little resistance against the violent attacks of a potential house-breaker. And yet there are a number of low-cost options whereby the anti-burglary properties of a uPVC front door can be considerably improved.

Firstly, the door lock itself can be strengthened by using a burglary-resistant lock of the type DIN 18251 to class 4 or 5. The optimal integration of strike plate and frame construktion can ensure that a door is secure and stable.

Further methods of strengthening uPVC front doors are the installation of secondary locks with safety catch or using a crss ocking bolt. These are just a few of the possibilities as to how front doors of uPVC can be improved in order to provide effective burglary protection.

Front door safety

Although a standard PVC door in its basic framework is not always as secure as a timber or steel door, with the addition of small improvements it can be made safer and the lower purchase cost is convincing.

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Front doors configurator

Variety of design at windows24.com

One point where the front door of uPVC really stands apart is that of the variety of possibilities for individual design made possible by uPVC: regardless whether symmetry and geometry, modern unusual design or simple classic form - all are possible. The great range of different uPVC front doors at windows24.com offers something for everyone to obtain the door of their dreams.

Creativity is everywhere and can be clearly seen in the form of unusual patterns and shapes of decorative glazing or as special figures and louvre design which can be applied to the upper surfaces.

The possibility of recreating classical stylistic elements and clear lines are just as easy for uPVC doors as the chance of presenting something new and daring in the form of fine filigree work or modern patterns and designs.

Modern uPVC entrance door

Whether for a newly erected single family dwelling in the suburbs, an older house in the town or city or a smaller weekend residence in the country, there is a suitable PVC front door for every type of home or apartment.
In this way every door becomes the family visiting card.

uPVC with good insulation properties

uPVC Doors have very good thermal insulation and are thus admirably suited to provide a valuable contribution to energy saving within the home. This protection is provided by the effective multi-chamber profile technique.

Three levels of seal arranged with the appropriate spacing ensure the optimum protection against loss of heat and also prevent acoustic bridges. The cooling down of the home due to heat loss via the front door is thereby effectively countered.

This serves to help on saving energy and positively contributes to the environment. This system means that the uPVC front doors with their multi-chamber profile technique can meet the requirements set down by the EU in the Energy Saving Directive (EnEv) effortlessly.

uPVC front door

Because front doors of uPVC can be installed just about everywhere they can contribute to energy saving just as well in renovated buildings as in newly planned low energy dwellings.

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