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The front door with glass - modern lightness and bright entrance area

Structured glass is also referred to as ornamental glass and is used both for privacy protection and to give your front door an individual design. Because of its ornate surface, ornamental glass is particularly decorative. As with all front door panels with ornamental glass, the structured side of the glass is on the inside in the space between the panes. Maintaining and cleaning the glass will therefore be particularly easy.

Different types of glass for maximum functionality

With front doors with glass panels, the type of glass determines their functionality. Basically, they are designed with ISO thermal insulation glazing with two or three panes, which guarantees excellent thermal insulation and top values in terms of energy efficiency.

The following types of glass can be used in the doors depending on the model and additional packages selected:

  • Sheet or clear glass
  • Ornamental glass
  • Laminated safety glass (LSG)

Which glass you choose for the front door depends on which function you consider particularly important.

Is a bright entrance area particularly important to you or do you want privacy?

In some cases, your door may need special measures with regard to security and break-in protection.

Sheet / clear glass

Clear glass is the standard for front door glazing: this glass is comparatively inexpensive and is particularly suitable if you want as much as light as possible to go through the door and into your home.

However, unrestricted light also has a disadvantage: clear glass offers no protection against prying eyes from outside. If you want privacy protection, you can choose frosted glass with clear glass elements as an option.

Ornamental glass

If you want to protect your privacy and don't want people looking inside your home, you can use frosted or ornamental glass for your front door. For example, windows24.com offers Ornament 504 and Satinato glass.

Both offer privacy due to their embossed or satinated surface, but at the same time allow enough light to enter your home.

Laminated safety glass (LSG)

Break-in protection is often particularly important, especially in remote residential areas. However, this does not mean that you have to go with a solid model made of aluminium, uPVC or wood and do without the modern front door with large glass insert. Instead, laminated safety glass glazing is an option, in which several panes are connected to one another by a film. The glazing is particularly resistant to break-in attempts and is a major hurdle for potential intruders.

Laminated safety glass is also available as part of various security packages for the exterior glazing for front doors at windows24.com.

Modern front doors with multi-pane glazing

Insulating and energy-efficient ISO thermal insulation glazing is now the standard when it comes to windows and doors. In passive house construction, it is even required by law and only those who comply with the necessary standards are entitled to state subsidies for installation. The energy efficiency can be determined from the U-value. The smaller the value, the better the door insulates.

In principle, double glazing for the door already offers excellent insulation values and is more than sufficient. If you do choose to go with triple glazing, it should be ensured that not only the glass but also the door and masonry have sufficient insulation. Otherwise, the latter in particular, as the coldest point in the building, will attract moisture, which can lead to structural damage and the development of mould.

Front door models with glass

Individual design options for the front door with glass

When it comes to your front door with glass you don't just get to choose the type of glazing and glass used : choose from frames made of wood, uPVC and aluminium, for example. While wood offers a warm, natural look, uPVC is characterised by its low maintenance and affordability. Aluminium, on the other hand, is particularly robust and weather-resistant. Most frames are available in different RAL colours and can therefore be truly custom designed. The handle set for a front door with glass can also act as a visual highlight. windows24.com offers models made of aluminium and stainless steel.

The front door with glazing – a real all-rounder

A door with a glass element is not only visually appealing but also highly functional.

With the different types of glass, it covers all your needs when it comes to lighting, privacy and security and saves you money on your heating bill thanks to its energy-efficient construction.

Thanks to the large selection of materials, colours and accessories, the front door with glass can be individually designed and is therefore a real all-rounder.

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