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Gray Windows

Available in Vinyl, Wooden, Aluminum or Aluminum Clad Window

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  • Wide glass type selection
  • Configurable with interior and exterior window sill
  • Available with Helima, Viennese or glass dividing glazing bars
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Gray windows matching grey front doors: at first sight this may seem rather unspectacular, but could be a real eye catcher. Especially when it comes to new house building the choice of color and the way in which they can work together to create unusual but pleasant contrasts is important. From time immemorial particular colors have been associated with certain properties, so for example white is the color of innocence. Perhaps that is why dirt and grime show up more quickly on a white background than on a grey window. Black is reserved for mourning, but no one is surprised by an elegant, dark front door. On the contrary one should opt for bright interesting colors for any new home, especially those colors which you are attracted to. After all, the house will remain there for a long time to come.

Bring Colour into your daily Routine

Grey windows are nothing unusual any more, on the contrary, they are becoming more and more popular. A highly suitable tone of grey is the RAL 7040, which is ordered in ever increasing numbers. However, at Windows24.com you also have the option to choose other RAL-colours, which precisely meet your expectations and wishes.

That individual grey window can thus tend towards a darker hue, a warm anthracite or light to slate grey. Everything which best matches the facade of the building, the doors and the surroundings, is therefore possible.

Save Energy and Money systematically

Functionality is probably the most important factor of a house; with the right thermal insulation one can save hard cash. Quality products with good thermal insulation values amortise very quickly, especially at times when energy prices are rising. A modern window in grey not only looks good but enables, thanks to its special multi-chamber profile system for PVC windows, energy saving living. If it is aluminium – also available in aoll sorts of colours – then with the right combination of features this too can produce excellent heat insulation.

Even wooden windows, thanks to the latest developments in building techniques, can compete here. As well as allowing for a window frame in grey there are other ways the window can be optimised. The thermal transmission coefficient can, for example, be further lowered by using triple glazing. Thermally separated edging can also lower the Ug-value – and thus the heating bills – additionally.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Besides looking good the grey housing element also has to provide protection against prying eyes, noise and/or undesired guests – regardless of what tone of grey or any other colour. Therefore, for all materials the glass selected must match your individual preferences and your needs. The materials currently available are:

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • PVC

Naturally, there are various types of glass in our assortment. We can supply textured glazing – e.g. for bathroom and toilet – or safety glass, where the house is particularly isolated. Laminated safety glass is strongly recommended for ground floor windows and doors, as this glass is more difficult to break. The laminated safety glass also reduces the risk of glass injury within the home: the glass does not break into large shards, a foil between the sheets of glass holds the pieces together, and chances of injury are reduced. To create an oasis of peace within one’s own four walls and to exclude the noise from the outside world, soundproof glazing for grey windows is ideal.

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