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Thanks to the multi-part glass and stainless steel insert, the modern Stockholm front door combines high-quality design with high functionality. At windows24.com you can configure all front door models to suit your needs. For example, you can choose from a variety of colours and wood finishes, different handles and locks and other optional accessories. The planning and design of the details is entirely up to you. Security, break-in protection and amazing thermal insulation are guaranteed, as is the wide range of visual functions.

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Cambridge, UK
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Selwyn College Bartlam LibraryCambridge, UK
Composite windows

Wood-aluminium windows suitable for a public building, aligned with UK security and safety standards.

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Product description

Highest quality and premium features: the Stockholm front door

The Stockholm model is characterised by the fascinating interaction of glass and stainless steel. The aluminium finish, which is broken up by four narrow glass inserts with a striking stainless steel frame, is characteristic of the modern look of the front door. It blends in well with modern windows and extensive glass facades.

Our aluminium doors are equipped with a triple hook lock and three attachment hinges as standard. As all features can be customised, you have the option of upgrading the security classification on the Stockholm front door. Pioneering digital recognition systems such as a code keypad or a fingerprint scanner complement the door particularly well.

Thanks to the sash-covering design and other exclusive insulation methods, our aluminium front doors also achieve top thermal insulation values.

Are you ready to install? Your new Stockholm front door will be delivered quickly to your home. You can also order professional installation by an installation partner in your area when you place the order for your door. If you would like more information about front doors, our specialists will be happy to advise you by telephone or e-mail.

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Data sheet

Front door aluminium model Stockholm

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
Front door model StockholmClassic, elegant, modernStockholm modelAluminium front door from 80 cm from 170 cm
windows24.com available New RAL, IGP, Anodised, Ultrastructure, Designer finish, Wood finish from € 3,102
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