Aluminum Clad French Doors

About Aluminum Clad French Doors

  • Premium French Doors
  • Thermally broken threshhold optional
  • Available in pine, larch or oak

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The various models, opening mechanisms and associated technical details are often very complex; therefore it is strongly recommended that any preliminary selection of French door or balcony door – but also all other types of door or window – first be tried out in our product configurator at Composite wood with aluminium French doors for patio or balcony unite the charm and the warmth conjured by the wood finish with the stability and weather resistance of aluminium. French doors manufactured from this wood with aluminium combination are thus the perfect symbiosis where thermal insulation, looks and stability are concerned. Here, one is utilising the advantages of a light but stable outer surface of aluminium perfectly without having to forego the cosy interior atmosphere created by a wooden door.



Calculate the price of your French doors online. All the pricing information you need to know can be found here.

Glazing options


Choose the appropriate glazing including options like soundproofing, security, privacy protection and energy efficiency.

Turn-and-tilt function

Tilt and Turn

French doors are available with various methods of opening such as tilt and turn or sliding.

Sliding function

Sliding Doors

French doors are available with various methods of opening such as tilt and turn and sliding.

Barrier-free accessibilty

Barrier free access

Barrier free French doors without a threshold to trip over.



Installing French doors yourself? You'll need the right tools, know-how and instructions.



Security is an important factor when choosing your new French door for peace of mind and reliable protection against break-ins.

Insect screen protection

Fly Screens

Keeping bugs outside where they belong can easily be achieved by installing a fly screen. They can either come with your new doors or be added later.


Wood-Aluminium – the perfect Combination

Just as doors of wood are available in several woods, so too composite French doors are available in pine, larch and oak. One of the outstanding features of this material is the fact that it can take almost any colour with just simple painting; in contrast to solid uPVC or to aluminium products, which have to be coated using complicated processes.

French doors should meet the identical requirements as are placed on any house door, as they form an important thermal bridge and a connection point between the outdoor and indoor areas. Additionally this barrier is prone to the attention of would-be burglars. Security is therefore a special consideration for composite French doors whether for patio or for balcony.

Composite French doors, just like any window, can be fitted with almost any type of glazing. For example, they can be equipped with security glass of any class. Thermal insulation can also be of more importance when it comes to a balcony or patio French door. Fitted with profiles offered by one is always playing it safe and has one thing less to worry about. The design together with the excellent properties of the combination of wood and aluminium ensures optimum thermal insulation values without losing anything in terms of functionality and looks.

Composite french doors

These doors can thus be favourably compared to any uPVC window having the typical multi-chamber system. There is a choice of opening mechanism between the lift-and-slide and the parallel-slide-tilt doors. Depending on your taste window bars can be integrated or handles fitted from our wide potpourri available. Here you will find a variety of types and designs, which you can then select using the product configurator or order them subsequently from our accessories shop. Last but not least, we offer convenient floor-flush thresholds for balcony French doors making tripping a thing of the past. Another extra which is popular is the roller shutter for French doors, not only safe but also easy to fit.

Security in first Place

As for windows, so for French doors – there are various types of fittings available for the composite French doors in order to enhance security.

As well as the standard category offering basic security there are fittings which meet the requirements of resistance classes 1 and 2 (according to German standard DIN V ENV 1627) in our assortment, which can significantly increase the level of security.

Mounting example composite french door

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