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HALESTA window stabiliser

Frame and roller shutter fixed connection

  • Allows work to be carried out on the roller shutter box without removing the window frame
  • 3 to 5 minutes installation time, and can also be retrofitted
  • Robust steel construction minimises vibrations under wind loads

  • For box size 240 mm - 360 mm
  • Material: steel, galvanised


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Product Information

More flexibility when installing the window and when reworking the roller shutter

The HALESTA window stabilizer offers a firm connection between the window frame and the roller shutter boxes, and still allows easy access to the roller shutter without having to remove the window. The product is made of galvanised steel and easily withstands not only vibrations from the window, but also damage from moisture.

Thanks to their simple design, HALESTA stabilisers can be installed in three to five minutes by following the included installation instructions.

Subsequent installation in existing roller shutter boxes is also possible.

Flexible tool

Rigid brackets, which are mounted on large windows and glass doors to avoid vibrations caused by wind loads, are no longer required with this fastening technology:

The HALESTA window stabiliser is installed in its place between the roller shutter box and the frame.

When closed, it minimises wind load vibrations, but can be opened in a few simple steps, allowing access to the box from the inside.

When installing a new window or glass door, the practical window stabiliser can also serve as an installation aid: it holds the window unit in place during the installation process, which means that additional help from assistants is no longer necessary.

And the material costs for window installation are also reduced by the HALESTA window stabiliser, since no additional steel reinforcement is required to comply with the RAL installation guidelines. All required accessories, such as screws, are included in the scope of delivery.

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