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Thermally insulated windows

Optimum thermal insulation of any house involves many facets. The loss of heat means simultaneously losing money. As heating costs are rising continuously extensive renovation, especially of older residential properties, cannot be avoided. Currently in Germany many houses are being equipped with such heat insulation measures. Many owner-occupiers believe that this reduces the weak points as far as heat loss is involved. But comprehensive heat insulation demands far more, amongst other measures it involves fitting thermally insulated windows.

Heat loss through windows


The greatest amount of heat loss is caused by having old windows or windows that have not been refurbished regularly. Windows which are draughty and which cannot be closed tightly should be modernised. To get the right thermal window insulation several factors play a role. Conventional single glazed windows or insulated glass windows no longer offer optimum thermal insulation. Modern thermally insulated windows use a special insulating glass and show excellent results when tested.The intensive research carried out by some German window manufacturers has driven this progress. Results clearly show that the right window choice can considerably contribute to thermal insulation. Single-glazed coupled or boxed windows have long been superceded. The modern window relies on triple-glazing. The triple-glazed insulation glazing is fitted so that between the individual panes there is a noble gas. This gas provides an additional heat insulating effect. What is more, two panes are treated with a metal vapour layer. This special type of coating has become today's standard in so-called passive houses and is the basis for thermally insulated windows.


As well as the correct choice of glazing, clean and fault-free installation is just as important. Incorrect installation can lead to thermal bridges. The result is that valuable heating energy is lost, as the surfaces of the inside walls cool very quickly and allow condensation to build on the windows. Thermal bridges arise especially at the window jambs and joints. Consequently, at this point when installing the window care must be taken that the jambs are not overlooked. The joints must be fitted so as to be airtight. In addition they must be fitted so that they are resistant to driving rain. No dampness must be allowed to build up in the joints, as this will reduce the thermal insulation effect of the window. Once the thermally insulated window has been correctly installed heating bills will consistently be lowered. This does not only help your purse but also contributes to a reduction in CO2.

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