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Enhanced anti-burglary protection with window grilles

As the number of break-ins has increased over the last few years, the addition of window grilles is recommended in many cases. By using anti-burglar measures one can prevent break-ins through cellar windows, ground floor flats or even retail businesses and discourage potential burglars. Such measures prevent the simple jemmying of windows and extends the time window within which a burglary can go undetected.


Window grilles must also conform to certain standards, in order that they fulfill the requirements to serve their purpose. They are typically made of galvanised steel or of wrought iron, but stainless steel is also available. This ensures a long life and rust has no chance. The resistance factor depends on the strength of each bar and the distance between them. The must be narrow enough to prevent entry and must resist any attempt at bending. Good quality is characterised by secure anchoring, high quality steel and stable construction.

Window grille alternatives


Basically there are two possibilities of installing window grilles. Firstly it is possible to fit the grille into the masonry of the window recess. The grill must fit exactly into the window opening and is fitted into the brickwork or wall using fishplates. The second alternative is to secure the grill to the outside wall. Here the window grille must have a certain overlap. If the fixtures are inserted too close to the window then they can be ripped out. The method of fixture will depend on the kind of masonry involved. Walls of aerated concrete blocks require for example different dowel types to brick walls.

Where facade wall insulation is fitted, the anchoring must be inserted dep into the fabric of the wall and the distance bars so constructed that they cannot be sawn through. The fixtures must be able to resist attack using conventional tools such as screwdriver or wrench, so that they can not be dismantled. For this reason a different type of screw must be used or screws are applied and capped or sealed. If a light shaft is to be built in front of a cellar or basement window then this must also be fitted with a burglar-proof fixtures. The appropriate accessories are usually supplied with the grille.

Types of window grilles


As fixed window grilles mounted on ground floor windows are not for everyone, there is the possibility of installing a mobile window grille. These are not accessible from outside, and can be easily and quickly opened from within. In this way the window remains as possible escape route in emergency, which is not possible when the grille is securely mounted. The installation of moving parts is possible such as sliding lattice grilles. Perhaps it should be pointed out that no system provides 100% protection against burglary, but a window grille can discourage a potential perpetrator from carying out their crime and gives the residents a certain security. The building is no longer so vulnerable and conveys an impression of security. As window grilles are available in an number of different styles, there is sure to be a solution for every window even optically. Although the last point is not so important for cellar windows when it comes to living rooms this is an important aspect. Even a coat of white paint can transform a grille to become more friendly and more open.


By observing the instructions carefully and having the correct tools available it is possible to install a window grille by oneself. With little effort and low cost one can significantly increase the safety and security of your home.

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