Additional security features for front doors of aluminium.

Hinge safety catch (2 pieces)

Makes levering out of the door so much more difficult thus providing extra security against burglary. Stainless steel, with 3 self-tapping screws.

Ribbon side protection

Integrated safety catch

The safety catch locking provides an additional locking point on the lock side. When the door is opened it runs against the safety catch. In this position it is possible, with the door still open, to talk to people outside with the door ajar. The hidden locking parts are released by opening the door or by unlocking the door from outside.

Swivel Lock

Comfort safety package (motorised lock with finger scanner)

Improved comfort and additional security can be found in our Comfort safety package. This includes:

  • Finger scanner embedded in door frame
  • Motorised lock with transformer
  • Optional extra configuration with handle with integrated finger scanner

The motorised lock can easily be connected to the house intercom system.

Front door finger scanner

Left: Finger scanner in door frame
Right: Handle with integrated finger scanner

Security package RC2-N

The security package class RC2-N includes:

  • Security cylinder lock with reversible key system and security card/ VDS approved
  • Three 3-part surface mounted hinges (instead of the standard 2-part hinge), either in white or silver, to make levering out of the door more difficult
  • Drill protection plate

Security cylinder with reversible key system

The system included in this security package is equipped with a horizontal keyway and presents a high quality security system for your doors. Additionally, the system comes with a plastic security card. Subsequent re-orders for either cylinder or keys will only be executed on presentation of this card.

The system offers the following advantages:

  • Anti-Picking System provided by a minimum of 2 Anti-Picking housing pins
  • Anti-Impression technology system based on key pin length of housing pins
  • Emergency and rescue function (door can be opened from outside even when a key is in the inside lock.)
  • Anti-drill safeguard/core extraction protection using hardened steel tumbler pin pairs
  • All cylinders conform to standard DIN 18 252


Drill protection

Closing cylinder with turn-key

Laminated safety glass

Our aluminium front doors are all fitted with triple insulation glass as standard.

Increased protection against attempted break-in can be provided by using additional laminated safety glass on the outside. 

Laminated safety glass is a combination of two float glas panes, which are stuck together using a foil. This means that by using the foil layer laminated safety glass will not break into small pieces. Breaking the glass by hitting it is considerably more difficult with laminated safety glass.

Laminated safety glass

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