Aluminium as a workable material is seen as a trendsetter in the construction of doors whether for prestige objects or in the private sphere. FUHR is a known specialist for high quality security systems and directs its attention to creating solutions to comfort and security technical needs and offers optimally trimmed, high-quality locking solutions for aluminium front doors.

3-Fold locking

The FUHR MULTISAFE 3-fold locking system automatically provides for more security. It is self-locking and is fitted with integrated daytime unlocking.

Lock with inbuilt daytime release function

7-Fold locking

The FUHR MULTISAFE 7-fold locking system provides increased security through its optimum distribution of forces. It consists of two duo bolt / hook combinations top and bottom each with two round bolts in turn positioned above and below a claw bolt as well as having the central locking bolt.

Lock with double bolt and hook lock combinations

The locking systems of both these models is prepared for the addition of an optional locking bolt.

Swivel lock stirrup system

Convenient features

Electric door opening

The E-opener is an electronic element fitted into the lock system which allows the door to be opened quickly and conveniently using a specially fitted flip switch.

  • Due to its symmetric construction can be fitted right or left
  • The single profile edge reduces energy loss, sealing and look of door are unimpaired
  • Milling of front profile edge no longer required, the radial latch part moves inwards in circular movement
  • High quality finishing in cast steel guarantees long life

Electric door opener (e-opener) for front doors

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