Pine Window

Available as Wooden or Composite Window

  • Wide selection of ornamental glazing designs
  • Available with security fitting
  • Good heat insulation
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Pine – a widespread tree species, is well known for its light to yellowish yellow coloured wood and is a popular material for producing various products and which can be processed fairly easily to manufacture pine windows. This particular type of wood is thus a natural choice for wooden windows and frames, when the window should have that light and natural look.

Being a member of the softwoods pine is very easy to process but also has extremely good qualities when it comes to stability. Burglarproofing is thus ensured thanks to the very stablewooden frame, while also achieving good values in terms of soundproofing and heat insulation. The most frequently applied methods of painting a product such as pine wood are opaque finishing and clear finishing.

Depending on the final finish chosen between these two coating systems and on the prevailing weather on site these products will need recoating after a certain period of time.

Nevertheless, windows of pine offer a good alternative to window profiles of PVC or aluminium and complement both facade and front doors with their natural charm.

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