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Parallel slide & tilt doors with roller shutter

The roller shutter is the perfect protection for doors and windows

Windows and doors have to fulfil a whole range of tasks on the facade: thermal insulation, break-in protection, protection against the weather - but at the same time windows and certain types of doors must allow a clear view at all times. The large glass surfaces installed for this purpose tend to be weak points when it comes to break-in protection. To compensate for this, robust roller shutters are used nowadays, which provide privacy and also protection against burglary and sunlight. They can even support thermal insulation of the window or glass door.


Types of privacy and break-in protection elements

When you hear the term "roller shutters" your first thought will probably be privacy and protection from sunlight. After all, the robust shutter curtains are a flexible way of preventing unwanted looks or glaring sunbeams from outside. However, if you are only looking for a front end element for this purpose, you are usually better off with cheaper accessories:

  • Awnings
  • Sun shade
  • Blinds
  • Pleats

All of these products provide cost-effective, effective protection from prying eyes and the sun's rays.

None of them really achieve what a roller shutter does:

  • Robustness and
  • Security

Roller shutter curtains made of different materials

The roller shutter as an alternative

Roller shutter systems consist of solid shutter curtain elements, i.e. segmented slats, which can be lowered on guide rails to protect windows and glass doors. Once these are in place, they offer a barrier that can only be removed with heavy tools. This prevents windows from being smashed.

In order to maximise this protective effect, burglar-proof roller shutters are usually made of the robust light metal aluminium, and are usually available in two installation designs: With front-mounted roller shutters, the roller shutter boxes are mounted on the facade in front of windows or in front of the door. This type of installation is peculiar, as it hardly affects the thermal insulation of the window - this means that effective burglar-proof aluminium elements can be installed without causing a thermal disadvantage.

The external roller shutter boxes should be coordinated with the facade, as they are automatically an eye-catcher.

Built-in roller shutters, on the other hand, are installed in wall openings and sit on top of the window. As a result, they effectively reduce the possible viewing height and should also be insulated so that the roller shutter box does not become an energy-wasting thermal bridge. The advantage of this design is its high level of security, because the roller shutter boxes cannot be manipulated from the outside.

More convenience through automation

The roller shutters from windows24.com are equipped with reliable motors from the well-known manufacturer Somfy, and they are extremely easy to use. The motor is easy to control via remote control, and cuts out the need for any physical effort when opening or closing the blinds. In addition, they have useful components such as force sensors, that prevent the automatic lowering of the roller shutter curtains as soon as they detect an obstacle. There are also light sensors that automatically lower the roller shutters depending on the amount of sunlight.

More safety with electric roller shutters

The safe insect protection roller blind

A variant of the roller shutter that has become increasingly popular over time is the insect screen roller shutter. This is usually an insect screen that can be left in front of an open window or door using aluminium or uPVC guide rails. Particularly high-quality models can even control roller shutters and insect screens independently of one another.

High level of safety and comfort

Roller shutters are an essential part of every house, because they offer privacy and protection against sunlight, and a degree of protection against burglary attempts that cannot be achieved by the alternatives, as well as a certain degree of thermal insulation. Motorised and combined with an insect screen, they also offer previously unimaginable levels of comfort in everyday use.

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