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Lift and slide door with roller shutter

Lift-and-slide door with roller shutter: versatile protection & modern design element

With a lift-and-slide door, you are opting for a particularly convenient patio door that can be installed in a space-saving manner, provides excellent insulation and is extremely easy to operate. In addition to the many advantages, a large sliding door also brings with it certain inconveniences, because especially in summer the sun goes right through into the living room unhindered and can heat it up considerably. With high-quality roller shutters, you can effectively counteract this, while at the same time improve break-in protection and keep nosy neighbours out. Last but not least, it can act as a personal accent on your facade as desired.


Technical features of lift and slide doors

At windows24.com you have the opportunity to choose between a parallel slide and tilt door, folding sliding door and a lift and slide door when purchasing a patio door, all at a reasonable price. All three versions have their special features and advantages, so it is important that you think carefully about which functions and properties are important to you in advance.

A lift and slide door is a very elegant solution for your home: a modern system that is not only easy to use but also extremely secure.

The decisive difference between a lift and slide door and other patio doors is that it is moved using wheels in the frame.

To open, lift the sash, then simply roll it to the side. When the door is closed, it sinks into the profile and in this way closes much more tightly than other sliding doors. Lift-and-slide doors are available in uPVC, wood, uPVC-aluminium and wood-aluminium, so they can be individually designed to suit your style.

In addition, you can easily improve the doors' excellent break-in protection and thermal insulation values with the right glazing. Our configurator will help you to design your lift and slide door in the look of your choice and with a fair price-performance ratio.

Tailor-made roller shutters for your home

If you decide to order your lift and slide door together with custom-made roller shutters, you have the choice between top-mounted or front-mounted roller shutters.

Both models offer the same protection from the sun, privacy and break-in protection, but differ significantly in the way they are installed. Top-mounted roller shutters are usually used in new buildings or extensive renovations, in which the windows and doors are also replaced.

The reason for this is that these particular roller shutters are attached directly to the frame of the window or lift-and-slide door and then installed together into the wall itself. The roller shutter box can no longer be seen from the outside.

Installing front-mounted roller shutters, on the other hand, is possible at any time, even with sliding doors that have already been installed. They are placed in front of the window, which means that the box remains visible from the outside and can be configured in a colour to match the facade.

Function and use of roller shutters

But why equip your lift and slide door with roller shutters at all? There are a number of reasons for this, an overview of which is featured below.


A lift and slide door offers comfortable access to the garden and lets daylight inside. The development of even the smallest plot of land means that we now live very close together. If there is no protection in the form of a hedge or fence, neighbours can look straight into your home through the patio door. Roller shutters are a simple and reliable solution for screening prying eyes and maintaining privacy.

sun protection

To the same extent that they prevent neighbours from looking into your home, roller shutters also offer protection from strong sunlight. Because this not only damages furniture in the long run, but also increases the room temperature. Roller shutters are the ideal alternative, especially if you don't want to attach curtains or blinds to the lift and slide door.

Energy efficiency

Overheated rooms also lead to higher energy consumption due to need for air conditioning and fans, all of which you can counteract with roller shutters.

The special construction of lift-and-slide doors also achieves excellent thermal insulation, which can be further reinforced by the use of insulating glazing and roller shutters. In this way you can be sure in winter that warm heated air stays inside, which in the long run reduces heating costs.

Since conservatories are heavily heated and the plants are sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations, roller shutters are a particularly practical choice.

Break-in protection

A frequently underestimated advantage of roller shutters is their level of break-in protection. Due to its ground-level location, access via the terrace is a popular choice for intruders, which is why it's only logical to invest in security fittings, lockable handles and possibly even additional security for your sliding door.

Aluminium roller shutters are particularly suitable for noticeably increasing security. A roller shutter made of alu is stable and withstands all break-in attempts. If the system also happens to be operated electrically, it even has an anti-slide device that makes it impossible for potential intruders to simply push open the roller shutter.

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