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How to Determine the Measurements of a Sliding Door

Sliding doors are often the first choice for balcony or patio installations. They are aesthetically pleasing and quite convincing in terms of thermal insulation. As sliding doors can be comfortably moved in a sideward direction, they are especially suitable for large areas. Anyone planning to install a lift-and-slide system needs to first measure the correct dimensions of the existing construction component or the wall opening itself.

1. Preparations

The importance of determining the measurements of windows, patio and balcony doors correctly should not be underestimated. Only by doing this beforehand can it be ensured that new components will fit in the respective wall opening and that the necessary sealing can be applied properly.

  • Place all necessary tools and materials for the door measurement procedure within hand’s reach (Fig. 1).
  • An existing blueprint can also be very helpful. The information in blueprints of old buildings can sometimes be out-dated, needing to be re-measured. If the measured dimensions of the door differ from the data in the blueprint, you can update the figures and note the measuring date.

If you check and write down the exact measurements in the blueprints, you will be able to use the data at a later time for the installation of roller shutter systems.


2. Measurements for Sliding Systems in an old Building

Older houses usually still have doors installed. It is therefore necessary to check the size of the existing patio or balcony door. Regardless of the construction depth, the most important measurements for the sliding door are width and height.

  • If a blueprint does not exist, it is advisable to draw a brief sketch of the lift-and-slide door.
  • Write down the measured data of the sliding door and fill it in the sketch later.

A sketch of your doors should always reflect the point of view of a person looking out from the inside. Measurements are always indicated in millimetres.

a) Determining the Height

  • Use a tape measure to determine the height of the sliding door. Measure the distance between the floor and the upper section of the frame. It is recommendable to make calculations from the left as well as the right hand side of the doorframe.
  • The smaller number can be used as a basis. Deduct 10 mm from this initial value to guarantee enough space for the door to fit in the wall opening.

In order to receive the most precise measurements, it is also important to measure the exterior dimensions of the sliding door. These additional measurements can determine whether the door should be installed from the outside or the inside.

b) Determining the Width

  • To calculate the correct width, the distance between the left and right sections of the reveal needs to be determined. The same could be done with its upper and lower sections.
  • Employ the smaller value as the initial value and deduct 20 mm, to ensure enough space for the sealing.
  • If you have further questions concerning the measuring procedure with sliding elements, you can find a detailed video manual on the respective topic here.

3. Measurements for Sliding Systems in a new Building

Doors or windows are usually are not yet installed in new buildings. This makes the measuring procedure much easier and uncomplicated. In order to determine the necessary measurement for the new sliding door, you only have to determine the dimensions of the wall opening.

a) Determining the Height

  • In the first step, you have to determine the height of the wall opening on the left and right hand side.
  • Should you discover any differences between the two measurements, please use the smaller value as the basis.

a) Determining the Width

  • The respective width can be taken by measuring the distance between the wall’s left and right sections. You can also measure the same distance in the upper section and use the smaller distance as the initial value.
  • To ensure that the sliding door can properly fit in the existing wall opening, you have to deduct 20 mm from the smaller measurement.
  • windows24.com also offers a detailed video manual on the measuring process for sliding elements in a new house.

Example: If you measure a wall opening of 3000 mm x 2000 mm (w x h). You need to order a door with the measurements 2980 mm x 1980 mm.

This step-by-step manual helps to successfully take the measurements of you lift-and-slide door – or any other door system. You can also learn the basic steps for the measurements of windows. The procedure is very similar.

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